Procedures for Commenting on Personal Conduct


The Secretary of State encourages and welcomes public comments regarding the conduct of employees. In cases where employee conduct is deemed to be superior, that comment will be passed on to the employee and to the employees supervisor. In cases where the conduct is alleged to be improper, the Secretary of State will make every effort to investigate and address the allegation. The Secretary of State also will work to ensure that no adverse consequences occur to any person or witness as a result of having brought forward a complaint or for providing information concerning a complaint.


If you would like to offer feedback of a positive or negative nature regarding the conduct of an employee of the Department of Secretary of State, you may do so by any of the following means:

  1. Speak, call, or write to a Manager at the location where the interaction took place.
  2. Speak, call, or write to the Deputy Secretary of State at the Bureau involved, or to the Human Resources Manager, Department of the Secretary of State, 29 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0029, Tel: 624-9000.
  3. Written comments can be submitted using the contact form, emailed to or mailed to the Secretary of State, 148 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0148.

When writing or emailing, please identify yourself and provide a telephone number, address, or e-mail where you can be reached. Identify the specific employee or employees involved and describe what happened, making sure to include as many details as possible.

Compliments will be relayed and complaints will be investigated as expeditiously as possible. You may be contacted and asked to provide additional information about your comments. In cases where the comments result in an investigation, appropriate action will be taken and, when completed, you will receive a written explanation of the final disposition of the matter within the limits of confidentiality laws.

Shenna Bellows
Secretary of State

Effective date: January 4, 2021