Maintaining Peace and Stability (1945-1990)

The Cold War years were a time of heightened tension around the globe. American troops were always "at the ready" in locations where peace was in jeopardy. Not only were U.S. forces sent to such places as Korea, Vietnam, and Lebanon when conflicts flared, but our troops also were stationed throughout the world to maintain stability and preserve peace.

Military service during this period included new challenges not previously experienced. Battle lines were less well drawn; in some cases, the enemy was less obvious. In many ways the stakes were higher because of sophisticated missile systems, advanced electronic and communication technologies, and, most obviously, the potential for nuclear war.

In their responses, Maine voters remember the service of veterans who defended the values of democracy, freedom, and independence during these unsettled decades of the Cold War:

When I vote, I will do so as a tribute to my husband, Maynard Warman, who served peacetime duty in the Navy from 1959 to 1963.
Wilma Warman, Belmont

I am voting in honor of my husband, David F. Kirkpatrick, a peacetime soldier stationed on the Mexican Border in El Paso, Texas. He was drafted during the Kennedy administration and served under President Lyndon Johnson.
Joan Kirkpatrick, Lincoln

I am voting in tribute to my husband, Mitchell B. Quint, who served in the USAF from 1954-57.
Emily Quint, North Anson

I am proud of my brother, Edward E. Hoyt III, who served in the USAF during the Cold War from 1977-79.
Theresa M. Hoyt, Fairfield


I am voting in honor of my son, L/Cpl Jason R. LeBarge, who served in the Marines for almost 4 years. His tour of duty ended when he was struck by a car and killed when he was returning to his base. He was 22 years old — he had never seen action — but he had traveled while a Marine and was prepared to defend his country.
Shirley B. LeBarge, Wells

Jason R. LeBarge
Jason R. LeBarge

Jason's Footlocker

A footlocker, black, pockmarked with dents,
Kicked in at fun at a Cub Scout event,
Kanga Kangaroo, favorite Babar book
Fun Mad comics, first Playboy he took,
Worn camping gear, why the odd, old shoe?
Empty pig bank, rusty Matchbox cars crew,
Down near the bottom, locked tight they reside
Symbols of youth, in the trunk, side by side.
Boy Scout badges, coins and stamps,
Prom picture, blue tuxedo at his Senior dance
Yearbook '80, baseball cards and knotted twine,
Drama scripts, football jersey, number nine.
Leather mitt, "leftie," and bat,
Hunting vest and bright orange hat.
Proud photo, first deer, it was a stag
Our letters from home in a brown paper bag.
A final trophy, his last ever to be
Dear God, I, his mother, store here –
In his footlocker, black
In the attic way in back –
Along with a Marine Corps tag,
I sadly place (it's red, white and blue),
Jason's tri-folded, American flag.

–by Shirley Boothby LeBarge


We are proud to vote in honor of Gerard Routhier, who served in the U.S. Marines and was stationed in Iceland in the early `60's.
Florida Routhier, Wife, Fairfield
William H. Routhier, Son, Fairfield
Ms. Beverly Routhier, Daughter, Waterville

I am voting in honor of my husband, Roland Scribner. He was a Corporal in the 278th Regimental Combat Team in the First Army stationed in Iceland, 1961-62.
Joan Scribner, Lee
Served during the Korean War era

I am proud of my husband, Norman C. Dickey. He served in the Air Force from 1957-1962 and was stationed at Wethersfield Air Force Base in England where we met and married in 1960. We moved to Skowhegan where we have resided ever since.
Patricia A. Dickey, Skowhegan

My husband, Arlan Dakin, was in the Army National Guard and was injured during his service in the 1970's. He is 100% disabled.
Sylvia Dakin, Belfast

I am voting in honor of my friend, Romeo J. Bouchard, who served in the Army in 1974-75.
Nora Heffelfinger, Woodland

From November, 1979 through July, 1984, I served in the USAF as a Medical Technician. Then I became a Weather Observer at Loring AFB until I separated from active duty in 1986.
Debra A. Parent, Limestone

We want to pay tribute to Tom Schneller, husband and father, for his service in the U.S. Navy as a sonar technician. He was on active duty from 1973-75 and in the Reserves from 1975-77. He assisted in evacuating U.S. civilians when Turkey invaded Cyprus.
Alison Schneller, Wife, Scarborough
Erika Schneller, Daughter, Scarborough

My daughter, Cecilia K. Bralick, served 4 years in the USAF in Turkey as a Language Specialist.
Bertrand M. Dyer, Sr., North New Portland
Served in Korea and Vietnam

I am voting in honor of my husband, Robert E. Molinaro. He was in uniform when I first met him and it was love at first sight…his penetrating and sincere eyes made me believe he was the one for me. He served on active duty from May, 1972-September, 1992, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel, Military Police Corps, U.S. Army.
Marcene J. Molinaro, Kennebunkport

State of Maine Flag

I honor all veterans, male and female, who came back from all wars, conflicts, and police actions, in pieces, both mental and physical, and especially those who were POW, KIA and MIA.
Charles E. Blackman, Boothbay Harbor
Served active duty 1957-1976, USN (Ret.)

I will be voting in honor of all veterans that have gone before me for the sacrifices they have made throughout their service to this country.
Stanley P. Follett, Westbrook
Served from 1961-1988

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