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Maine Voter Registration Application (revised 1/2020) –    Fillable PDF   -    Word

Instructions for completing the Maine Voter Registration Application

After completing and signing the voter registration application, voters are encouraged to mail it or deliver it directly to the Municipal Clerk or Registrar of Voters in the municipality where they live, to avoid delays in processing. (See the link to the Listing of Municipal Clerks/Registrars below.)

Listing of Municipal Clerks and Registrars and Office Addresses

January 11, 2022 – Special Election for State Representative District 27

Voters can now request an absentee ballot online using the Absentee Ballot Request Service.

A vacancy was created in State Representative District 27 when Kyle R. Bailey, a member of the 130th Legislature, resigned on October 15, 2021.  On November 8, 2021, the Governor issued a Proclamation declaring the vacancy and setting January 11, 2022, as the date for the Special Election.  The filing deadline for candidates to be listed on the ballot was November 29, 2021. There are no declared write-in candidates.

List of Candidates Appearing on the Ballot

Voting Place Report

Primary and Potential Referendum Election - June 14, 2022

Information for Candidates

Description of Primary Election

General and Potential Referendum Election – November 8, 2022

Information for Candidates

Description of General Election

Serve as a poll worker

Every town and city in Maine needs citizens like you to help administer the election. Visit the Maine Election Worker Recruitment webpage for more information about the qualifications, duties and benefits of helping your town at the polls on Election Day.

Maine Political Parties

Maine currently has three qualified parties: Democratic, Green Independent and Republican that may participate in primary elections. (Note: although some unenrolled candidates choose to designate themselves as “Independent,” there is no “Independent” party in Maine.) 

Ranked-choice Voting (RCV)

Ranked-choice voting will be used in the 2022 State Primary and General elections. Visit our RCV Resources page for more information about ranked-choice voting, including Frequently Asked Questions and sample ballots.

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