Electronic Lien Titling Program


Maine's Electronic Lien Titling (ELT) Program allows BMV and lenders to exchange lien and title information electronically through a third-party service provider. This means participating lenders will receive an electronic title record in lieu of a paper certificate of title. After a lender releases a lien electronically, BMV will print a paper title and mail it to the vehicle's owner.

Lender participation in this program is optional.


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Benefits of ELT
Enrolling in ELT carries several benefits for lenders:

  • Lower costs: ELT can eliminate the need to store, retrieve, and mail paper certificates of title
  • Speed: BMV and lenders communicate electronically, speeding up the titling process
  • Security: ELT reduces fraud in vehicle titling

Lenders will be able to perform the following transactions on ELT title records:

  • Receive a lien notification     
  • Release a lien
  • Update a vehicle owner’s address
  • Request a printed title
  • Designate an alternate “Mail to” address for a printed title
  • Request an update or correction to a title
  • Receive notification from BMV of update or correction to a title

If a lender elects to participate, they must engage the services of a third-party service provider approved by BMV to exchange lien and title data on their behalf.  Once again, lender participation in this program is optional.

Authorized Service Provider
The following ELT Service Provider has been approved by the BMV:

Dealertrack Collateral Management Services (CMS)

Dealertrack’s comprehensive ELT solution facilitates and administers data exchanges between the lienholder and the participating state department of motor vehicles, as well as helps the lienholder perfect and manage title information. Taking advantage of our full-title outsource solution, lienholders gain even more efficiency by creating a single workflow to manage both electronic and paper title processing.

For lenders interested in learning more about our ELT program, please contact us through our website: https://us.dealertrack.com/elt

BMV expectes to authorize additional service providers. We will publish their contact information here once they complete the certification process.

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Service Providers

Service Providers are responsible for maintaining an electronic system capable of conducting title and lien transactions through the ELT interface. They are also responsible for transmitting data between the BMV and lenders enrolled in the program.

To learn more about becoming a service provider, please contact the BMV at elt.bmv@maine.gov



Benefits of the ELT

  • Reduced wait time on titles: When your dealership pays off a loan during a trade-in, lenders participating in the ELT can electronically release a lien and send the title to your dealership.
  • Future Development: BMV is developing additional features, such as electronic title applications and electronic payments, to improve dealers’ titling process.

Dealers’ role in the ELT
Dealerships play an integral role in the ELT process. Dealers will record a unique lienholder identification number on Applications for Certificate of Title, which will let BMV know to send an electronic tite record.

For more information about this procedure, please see our Dealer Bulletin

Please note, dealers will still submit applications and supporting documentation on paper after the program launches in 2024.

Links to additional information for dealers:

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