General Schedules, for Records Common to Most or All Agencies

The Maine State General Schedules have been revised. Any series that has been changed is noted by a date change of 6/4/2015 and will be in red in the 2015 Revised General Schedules printout. Schedules are also listed below separately. The General Schedules now include a brief introduction.

These retention schedules apply to records regardless of their physical format. Therefore, records created or maintained in electronic format would also fall under these guidelines and must adhere to the minimum retention requirements of these General Schedules (that is any reference to "correspondence" could pertain to either paper, email or other electronic documents.)

All schedules are in PDF format. If you require a different format or if you have any questions regarding the General Schedules, please contact Felicia Kennedy, 287-5798.

2015 Revised General Schedules (pdf, 405KB)

Complete List of 2015 General Schedule Revisions (pdf, 310KB)