Network and Voice Services Summary

Network and Voice Services provides agencies with the hardware, software and support services required to communicate through shared data networks including telephone services and wireless.

Wiring Services

Network and Voice Services require wiring for new installations if current wiring is not in place or if not up to industry/State standard wiring practices.  This service provides centralized hardware and software required to establish and maintain internet and intranet web sites, videoconferencing as well as phone service.

Network Services

Network Access provides connectivity for authorized State provided, OIT approved tools and computers to support State of Maine employee and agency sponsored contractors.  Network Services is designed to provide employee access to State of Maine core services and technologies, file services, Oracle services, SharePoint, email, internet data services, and SOM voice over internet protocol phone system.

Basic Network Services Offering

  • Connection to local switching equipment at - 1000MbE
  • Secure Wide Area network and Internet connectivity
  • Proactive network management of WAN and LAN equipment
  • Network Utilization and performance analysis
  • Network Capacity planning
  • VoIP and QoS integration where appropriate
  • Network equipment required to provide building connectivity as well as connection to the building telco closets
  • Coordination of circuit installation and facilities upgrades
  • Skilled technician to interconnect telco closet station wiring to network equipment
  • UPS protection for network and Voice over IP equipment for power outages less than ten minutes
  • Bandwidth at some sites will be limited to “equal to or less than” the commercial vendor connection speed with minimal speed at 1Mb/s per user

Voice Services

Voice Services provides telephone service to SOM agencies.

  • Basic Phone Service
    • Standard phone equipment (one-time fee-see MaineIT Rate Table )
    • Standard programming of phone set
    • Ability to make or receive calls
    • Unlimited Calling within US
    • Voice mailbox

Service Rates: For rates/costs, please see the MaineIT Rate Table 

Options - must have basic phone service (quote provided)

  • Call Management System - call/contact center functionality and reporting statistics
  • Auto Attendant - digital assistant that routes callers automatically
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - automatic response system
  • Proactive Outreach Manager (POM) - Automatically generates outgoing calls for agents
  • First in Line (FIL) - Allows caller scheduled called back while keeping their place in queue
  • Workforce Management - Allows for recording of calls for training/scoring purpose
  • Custom Feature Programming
  • Ring Central - faxing service
  • TTY Numbers/Maine Relay services
  • International calling
  • Directory Listing
  • 800 toll-free service (inbound instate or out of state)
  • Specialized Voice equipment
  • New Installs
    • Standard and business lines per line: 101-299 installations, onetime, cost per quote
    • Standard and business lines per line: 300+ installations, one time, cost per quote
    • 800 service line one time, cost varies

Additional options – not requiring basic phone service (quote provided):

  • Project Implementation
  • Consulting Services
  • Analog Line (POTS, Centrex, 1B, fax line, etc.)
    • Toll calls
    • Directory Listing
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity/High Availability
  • Circuits- several types (not exclusive)
  • Specialized Voice equipment:
  • Wiring

Voice Services User Guides

Desk phone Resource

Avaya Worksplace Resource

Voice Mailbox Resources

Cell Phones & other mobile devices

Wireless Data Services

Wireless service is designed to enhance flexibility for process and employee work functions. Wireless connectivity enhances work performance through mobility within a work environment by providing access to network resources for authorized users and wireless tools throughout a facilities’ service area. 

Benefits include:

  • Flexibility in work and process flow within your work space through employee and tool mobility
  • Access to all authorized State of Maine systems via SOM AIRE
  • Ability to access Internet-based resources via SOM AIRE


  • Network connectivity via Wi-Fi, utilizing available 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac protocols
  • Secure Wide Area Network and Internet connectivity through “SOM AIRE”
  • Proactive network management of Wireless equipment
  • Client utilization and performance analysis
  • Site survey and capacity planning
  • WVoIP and QoS integration where applicable
  • Fully encrypted transport via SOM AIRE
  • State intranet access for via SOM AIRE
  • Coordination of circuit installation and wireless component upgrades