Cell Phones & Other Mobile Devices

The State of Maine has contracts with the following carriers for wireless services:
AT&T, US Cellular and Verizon Wireless.

Though OIT does not recommend one carrier over the other, we suggest that the following be considered when looking at wireless services:

Cell phone coverage;
Plan pricing; and
Phones/Smartphones features and versions*

In order to fully benefit from these contracts for state-owned devices, it is important for Departments to consider the above (coverage, pricing, phone features) as well as the specific needs, usage, and location of the Department’s cell phone users.  Each Department’s needs are different and, as a result, the solution may be one vendor or combination.

Contact information, and links to carrier plans and pricing provided by each carrier are listed below.


Account Representative:

AT&T Account Team Support

Name Tiffany Oliveira

Richard Larios

SLED Account Manager


Cell (802) 372-1001

(508) 246-7812


Email: Rl8224@att.com

Other contact info:

Billing and Premier for new & existing AT&T accounts

Mobility Services Manager


System Integration & Solutions

Robert Holmes


Todd Theel






508 308-9996 


Plan pricing information can be found at:   http://www.corp.att.com/stateandlocal/?source=IGSL25003PNgst3j  http://www.corp.att.com/stateandlocal/sl_contracts.html

For ordering services for existing users: Please reach out to the AT&T Account team who can provide access to your existing Premier Web Portal.
For an account set up, please contact Karen Vaccaro at kv0580@att.com 401.683.8243


Contractor (Sales and Customer Service Contact)
Sang Pham
Head of State for New England
Direct (508) 266-5192 | Mobile (508) 440-7667
Email: Sang.Pham5@t-mobile.com

For plan pricing information:  T-Mobile Rates - in PDF

Contractor's rates are updated on a quarterly basis and can be viewed at any time by visiting:  https://shopnaspo.tmorders.com/orders/catalog/splashpage.php 

U.S. Cellular:

Account Representative:
Jennifer Clark
Business Account Manager
730 Center Street, Auburn, Maine 04210
Email: Jennifer.Clark2@uscellular.com
Cell: 207-649-4123
Business Customer Support: 1-800-819-9373

For plan pricing information: US Cellular Rates - in PDF

For ordering services, go to the following website:
https://www.b2b-wireless.net/som/   and enter the user name (stateofmaine2) and password (#dirigoMstate1!).

Self-Care Login (preferred browser is Chrome): https://bgselfcare.uscellular.com/uscellular/b2b/login.jsp 

If you have not registered as an individual user, you will need to do so prior to ordering. If you encounter issues, please contact your appropriate Account Representative.

Verizon Wireless:

Account Representative:
John Voross
Government Account Executive (Maine)
365 Gorham Road
South Portland, ME 04106
Email: john.voross@verizonwireless.com
Cell:   207-650-0308

Plan pricing information can be found at:
WSCA 23% discount site

For ordering services:
For Existing Users:  Go to the Verizon website (user name and password required)

For New Users who don’t have an account set up, please contact John Voross

For current contract rates and one time fees for contracted OIT setup services:

Please see the MaineIT rate table