Maine State Government Documents

Description of Collection:

State documents are publications issued by state agencies. Publications are defined as periodicals, newsletters, bulletins, pamphlets, leaflets, directories, bibliographies, statistical reports, brochures, plan drafts, planning documents, reports, special reports, committee and commission minutes, informational handouts, rules and compilations of rules.

Some of our most popular items are historical in nature and include Department of Industry and Labor reports which list statistics pertaining to the world of work in Maine back into the 1800's; Departments of Agriculture and Education annual reports which help provide insight into the daily lives of our ancestors back in the 1800's; and Adjutant General's reports for the Civil War which list names of those who served - of indispensable worth to genealogists.

Popular current items are the Bureau of the Budget's Maine State Government Annual Report, Division of Labor Market Information Service's state and county census data, Governor's State of Maine Budget Document, and Maine State Legislature Committees' publications.

Circulation/Access Policy:
Most of the Government Documents collection circulates. Exceptions are items of which we have only one copy, are in fragile condition and/or are over 100 years old.
Number of Collection Items:
More than 250
Books, Manuscripts, Photographs
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It's generally helpful to start with Keyword rather than Title when starting your search. Also, not all our documents are in the online catalog, so if you don't find what you're looking for, make sure to contact the Library for more assistance