True North Video Programs

37 programs - 30 min. each ; 7-12 ; Maine Studies, Social Studies ; Produced by MPBN (1997-2001)

True North features interesting and unusual people and places in Maine , looks at some historical events, and explores some issues that don't get the headlines. True North chronicles life in Maine and the people who make it so fascinating.

  1. Bar Harbor Fire/Helping Marine Animals/Jerry Cardone (Alien Artist)
  2. Dream Big Conference)/Phyllis Siebert, Blaine House Cook/Dowsing for Water
  3. Camp Kiev for Girls/Sneaking in Science/Lincoln's Community Band
  4. Seeds of Peace/Opera Singer/Ostrich: The Other Red Meat/ Flying Fingers
  5. River Driver's Bean Supper/Roxana Carter, Painter/Bert Silverman: Bert's Eyes
  6. Gotta Dance: Arthur Hall/Interview with Portland Police Chief Michael Chitwood/Damariscotta Children
  7. Flagstaff Remembered/Lewiston Street Kids/Blackpowder Lady
  8. Spiritualist Camp/ Outdoorswoman/ John Logan
  9. Maine Militia/Ann Peabody/Olive Pierce/Elmer's Barn
  10. Elderly Athletes/Peter Marini/Ben Mendlowitz
  11. Allagash Alliance
  12. Carrabassett Valley Academy / Rug Hook Lady/ Maine Seacoast Mission
  13. Lobsterwoman
  14. Challenged Kids/Cat Lady/Bunny Paradis
  15. Challenges
  16. On Safe Ground
  17. African-Americans in Maine
  18. Aroostook County
  19. Birthquake
  20. Maine Love Economy
  21. From the Sea
  22. Alternate Takes
  23. Global Ecology
  24. Performance Artists
  25. Islands Remember
  26. Getting Around
  27. Music is Magic
  28. Living History
  29. New Beginnings
  30. Marine Eyes
  31. Edutainment
  32. Franco-Americans
  33. Through the Lens
  34. Spirit of Sport
  35. Inspiration
  36. Ocean Adventure
  37. Gen-X Art