Maine Experience Video Series

" Maine Experience is targeted to everyone who loves Maine. Each episode will feature five segments on various aspects of Maine life – a person, a place, a historical event or even a cultural phenomenon – that makes Maine such a unique place, one that captures the hearts of residents and visitors alike."

For complete descriptions go to Maine Experience at Maine Public Broadcasting Network.

  1. Sen.Margaret Chase Smith
  2. Voices of the Grange
  3. A Morning in Winter, 1885
  4. Neal Dow: Prophet of Prohibition
  5. Norlands Living History Center
  6. Seguin
  7. Facing the Past: Malaga Island
  8. Maine Village Mills
  9. White Gold
  10. Mellie Dunham: Fiddling to Fame
  11. Maine Statue Stories
  12. Bowdoin Pines
  13. Doctors of Osteopathy
  14. Winslow Homer on Prouts Neck
  15. Ears to You
  16. The Washburns of Livermore, Maine
  17. A Basilica in Maine
  18. The Lindbergh Crate Museum
  19. Machines in the Garden: Wilton, Maine
  20. Trolleys
  21. Fort Knox: The Silent Sentry
  22. Writing the Changes: May Sarton
  23. Maine'S Covered Bridges
  24. Colonial Pemaquid
  25. Bangor, Maine: Lumber Capitol of the World
  26. Peary's Necklace
  27. The Cribstone Bridge
  28. For the Long Haul: Lincoln, Maine
  29. The Way Childhood Should Be: Maine Summer Camps
  30. A Boat Called Katahdin
  31. Wyman's Vision
  32. Carpe Diem
  33. Old Fort Western
  34. The Many Lives of Loring
  35. Louis Sockalexis: Baseball's First Indian
  36. Maine's First Ship: The Virgine
  37. Rockland in the Limelight
  38. Last Log Drive
  39. Moxie
  40. Millinocket: A great Northern Company Town
  41. The Underground Railroad in Maine
  42. Liberty Ships
  43. A Day to Remember
  44. Eastport's Last Sardine
  45. Greenville's Grans Era
  46. The Shoe Strike of 1937
  47. Biddeford's Past Lives
  48. Maine Radio Cowboys
  49. Stories in Stone
  50. Tool That Made Maine