Studio/Conference Room Use


These guidelines are designed to help users plan for the best experience possible regardless of whether you are scheduling the MSL Studio for a Video Conferencing, ITV, Satellite Downlink, Meeting or other event.

  1. Contact Cheryl Ramsay in the Library Development Office (207-287-5620) to schedule the Studio for all events. Cheryl will connect you with Alan Fecteau if the event being scheduled requires his assistance.
  2. Satellite downlinks require scheduling the actual downlink with Alan Fecteau.
  3. Video Conferencing events require additional scheduling of system elements and receiving sites.
  4. ITV and cable TV events are arranged by Alan Fecteau.

Note: The informal agreement among Video Conferencing sites is that requests for distant-site room use as receive sites (that is, all but MSL) will be scheduled TWO WEEKS ahead of the event at a minimum. Events can be scheduled on shorter notice, but we are trying to be respectful of everyone's busy schedule in requiring a two week lead time. Other Video Conferencing sites can only be booked if and when the site-coordinator (Alan Fecteau for MSL) approves the time and date   for their specific location.

MSL’s Policy for After-hours and Weekend Events

  • Requires the client to pay an MSL technician $30.00 per hour for all hours outside of the regular work day/week.
  • A copy of this policy developed in 2001 is available upon request.
  • Alan Fecteau does the after hours scheduling for the MSL Studio and Video Conferencing.

Additional Considerations

  1. Do you need a notebook for Internet use?
    • Learning & Technology Services can provide a notebook that is ready for our systems, which is preferable to bringing your own.
    • Please be sure to request the notebook when you schedule your event and plan to arrive early (at least a half-hour before the event) so that your software can be successfully loaded and tested with our system.
    • State employees who access the Internet via the State of Maine Network are allowed to access the Internet on the State Network .
    • Users who are not state employees can only be connected to the Internet via the MSLN network regardless of whether they are using our notebook or their own.
    • The Studio supports wireless Internet connections but only to the MSLN network.
  2. Do you need equipment for your presentation?
    • Let Alan knows when you arrive to set-up (half hour before event) that you will be using the projector so that he can assist with the set-up and provide instruction.
    • Specify whether you are using the projector for notebook (data) or for video.
  3. Cancellation policy
    • Please make every effort to contact Cheryl Ramsay (207-287-5620) in advance if you must cancel a scheduled event.    If Cheryl is unavailable please ask for Alan Fecteau at 207-287-5620.
    • There is no penalty for canceling an event. However, a pattern of chronic and repeated cancellation may result in refusal on our part to schedule future events
  4. Do you need to use the Video Conferencing equipment? 
    • Please follow the additional requirements as noted above .

Equipment Reminders

  • Equipment should be reserved ahead of time.
  • Failure to reserve equipment prior to an event may result in either the equipment or personnel necessary for its operation being unavailable.
  • All equipment should be checked out and returned through Alan Fecteau in Learning and Technology Services.
  • Information Support Group is not responsible for Studio set-up or equipment scheduling and delivery except on an emergency basis if Alan Fecteau is unavailable.