Important Notice about Library Services at Waterford Library Association

The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted regular services at libraries throughout Maine. The current status of this library is as follows:

    Open/Closed : Building Open to Public - Limited Services and/or Hours
    Hours : Saturday‚€™s 10am-2pm

Waterford Library Association

Waterford Library Association

Library Profile

  • Mailing Address: PO Box 176, Waterford, ME 04088-0176
  • Location: 663 Waterford Road, Waterford, ME 04088, Show Map
  • City/Town: Waterford
  • County: Oxford

Contact Information

Public Hours

  • Hours: Mon: 2-6, Wed: 3-8, Fri: 10-12, Sat: 10-2
  • Summer Hours: same

Other Information

  • Library District: Region 2
  • Automation Software: LibraryWorld
  • Video Conferencing Hub: No
  • Wireless Access: Yes