Creating a data driven library culture requires commitment. These highlighted webinars can be used as a roadmap to begin the conversation about the importance of data and evaluation.

Overview: Using Data to Tell Your Library’s Story
Planning: Public Library Directors 101: Planning and Project Management
Community Needs Assessment: 1. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know- Meaningful Community Engagement; 2.Library Surveys for Success; 3. Beyond the Survey: A Practical Approach to Interviews and Focus Groups; 4. Leaving Ft. Ref: Frontiers of Embedded Librarianship
Outcome Based Evaluation: Count Your Impact: Getting Started with Outcome-Based Evaluation
Data sources: Using LibPAS Reports: Let the Numbers Do the Talking
Data Visualization:  1. Data Visualization for the Rest of Us: A Beginner's Guide; 2. Communicating thru Infographics
Put It All Together: Engaging Your Community in Sustainable Funding

Free archived webinars through WebJunction (you will need a free learner account) or Infopeople. The links below will take you directly to the Infopeople website or to a page on the MSL website where there is more information about the webinar. The presentations and handouts from the Research Institute for Public Libraries (RIPL) are also available. The items listed are only a few of the presentations that are available on the RIPL website.

Archived Webinars
Basic Graphic Design for Library Staff: Quick and Easy Solutions
Be Fearless: Public Speaking for Librarians
Building Collaboration on a Shoestring
Community Led Library Service Development
Coping with Change
Energize Your Base: Tips and Tools to Raise Awareness and Build Support for Library Services
Failing in the Right Direction
How to Tell Your Digital Story
Library P.I.: Process Improvement Library Style
Organizational Storytelling for Libraries

Research Insitute for Public Libraries (RIPL) Presentations:
Creating a Library Data Road Map
Assessing Community Needs
Why Are You Doing What You’re Doing? Outcomes-Based Evaluation for Planning and Impact
Finding Your High Water Mark: Benchmarking to Set a Course for Your Library
Data Use for Strategic Planning, Management, and Communication with High Level
Tips for Writing Survey Questions
Survey Development Process
Data Visualization for the Rest of Us: A Beginner’s Guide
Infographic Software Selection Guide
Telling the Library Story