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Thanks for letting us know! We appreciate it. We will update your library profile on the MSL website, in our database and forward the information to your district consultant. Please see tips to help speed updating!

IMPORTANT: Schools should not use the form below. The school library directory is no longer being maintained but school library information is through the Maine Education Data Management System (MEDMS). We point to the new data as it is uploaded by DOE on the school web page or check the Maine Association of School Libraries ( MASL) website.

Other Change Forms

Tips: Only complete *required fields AND the new changed information. Please do not fill in information if it is still the same. If you edit the hours, include all the hours.

By filling in ONLY your changes, not everything again, we can update faster.

Please try to use the same format for fields as on the web, especially for hours ; again faster to update and is consistent.

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