E-rate Training Instructions for Public Libraries

Please note: you must activate your EPC account for FY 2016 and later applications! Please click here to learn more about your EPC account, or call the School and Library Division of USAC at 1-888-203-8100 for further assistance.

E-rate Form 470 - FY2016 (January 1, 2016 - April 1, 2016)

The Form 470 is the first form completed and starts the application process for a funding year. Please complete this form as early as possible, because there is a mandatory 28-day waiting period between the completion of this form and the next, the Form 471.

View the video instructions for E-rate Form 470.

E-rate Form 471 - FY2016 (February 3, 2015 - April 29th, 2016)

Form 471 "Services Ordered and Certification Form" is the second form that must be filed by a library in the E-rate application process. Its purpose is to individually list all contracts and services for which the applicant is requesting discounts. To have any chance of being approved, Form 471 must be submitted within the Schools and Libraries Program application window period.

For libraries requesting a discount to their phone bill, please contact your telephone service provider prior to July 1st, 2016 to arrange for this service.

View the video instructions for E-rate Form 471.

E-rate Form 486
- FY2016 (July 1, 2016 - October 29, 2016)

After receiving your Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL), you are able to submit your Form 486 for the current fiscal year. You will have 120 days after the receipt of your FDCL to complete this form without penalty. Submitting your Form 486 before August 1st is considered filing early, and requires additional certifications to be made.

For libraries requesting a discount to their phone bill, please file the Form 486 prior to July 1st to receive the discount starting in July.

View the instructions for E-rate Form 486.

E-rate Form 472 (BEAR)
- FY2015 (July 1, 2016 - October 28, 2016)

At the conclusion of Funding Year 2014 (as of June 30, 2015) and the payment of the final monthly bill for discounted services, libraries must submit a Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement (BEAR) Form, known also as Form 472. To complete this form, you will need a copy of all bills paid for the service provided from July 1st, 2014 through June 30th, 2015. You should have the Form 471 and Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL) for FY 2014, and your PIN for certifying the form electronically.

View the instructions for E-rate Form 472.


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