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The Maine State Library, in partnership with Networkmaine, is able to provide videoconferencing software (called “Jabber”) free of charge to public libraries throughout the state. This will enable libraries to videoconference with each other, either one-on-one or in groups, as well as access some videoconferencing events provided throughout the state, such as the Lawyers in Libraries program.

Each public library may have two accounts: one designated for a librarian and a guest account for use by the public.

Be sure to choose "Yes" if you want both accounts: one for the librarian and one as "guest" for the public.

In order to videoconference, a webcam is needed. Videoconferencing over a wireless connection is not recommended. Please contact Jared Leadbetter or Alan Fecteau via the Contact Us page (see dropdown for email or call 287-5620) if you have further questions.

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