Request the Technology Petting Zoo

Maine libraries may request the use the Maine State Technology Petting Zoo, with its e-readers and tablets, to train their staff and patrons in understanding how to use different devices or in deciding which one(s) to purchase.

Request Form


  1. Please read the technology petting zoo use policy.
  2. There are six sets of devices available at any given time, but only one set of display locks. Please check the reservation calendar to find out availablity of sets and display locks by date.
  3. Once you have found a date with availability, complete the form below to reserve the technology petting zoo.
  4. If you would like to have a MSL staff member run an informational session for staff, please be sure your check "Trainer Requested".
  5. Use "Additional Information" field for questions/comments related to your reservation, to describe the training you would like to receive when you request a trainer, or if pick-up and return of the petting zoo will be by different methods.
  6. The maximum loan period is one week. Please consult with MSL staff if more time is needed.
  7. Maine State Library will contact you regarding the status of your request as soon as dates and times are confirmed.

Required *

Reservation Information
  1. Pick Up/Return; same if requesting a trainer
  2. Pickup/Return; same if requesting a trainer
  3. Explain "Other" in the Additional Information box
  4. Explain "Other" in the Additional Information box
  5. [Use this format: yyyy-mm-dd]
Equipment Requested
  1. Set Availability: The petting zoo collection includes six full sets of devices. Each set includes one of the following items: Kindle PaperWhite, Nook SimpleTouch, KindleFire, NookHD+, Google Nexus, and Apple iPad Mini.
  2. Please check the reservation calendar for information about set availability by date.
  3. Display Locks: If your devices will be made available for public use, you may want to request display locks. Only one set of display locks are available at any given time. Check the reservation calendar for availability.
Trainer Requested
Acceptance of Use Policy- Required
  1. **Replacement cost if damaged or lost for each device: Kindle PaperWhite ($150.00), Nook SimpleTouch ($89.00), KindleFire ($305), NookHD+ ($150), Google Nexus ($200), Apple iPad Mini ($330)