Impress 1.1

Description: Impress is a presentation software that is a free alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. It allows you to create dynamic presentations using its easy-to-use, predefined layouts and templates. This topic covers version 1.1.

Topics Include:

  • Installing and Launching
  • Identify Basic Parts of the Impress Window
  • Create, Save, Open, Close, and Exit Presentations
  • Create a New Presentation Based on an AutoPilot Template
  • Inserting, Copying, and Deleting Slides
  • Using Workspace Views

Editing and Formatting the Slides

  • Adding Text
  • Formatting Text
  • Formatting Bulleted and Numbered Lists
  • Using the Editing Tools
  • Design Templates and Master Views

Creating, Formatting, and Printing the Presentation

  • Adding Clip Art, Pictures, and Gallery Objects
  • Adding Charts and Spreadsheets
  • Defining Slide Settings and Transitions
  • Animating Slides and Creating Image Animations
  • Print Management
  • Previewing Slides and Running a Slideshow
  • File Formats and Sharing Presentations