Goof-Proof Interviews [PDF]


A good resume will only take you so far in the job search process. To compete in today's tough job market, you need to make a great impression when meeting a potential employer for an interview. Learn current business do's and dont's, and find out how to best convey your credentials during a face-to-face meeting with the Goof-Proof Rules.

What are the Goof-Proof Rules? That's easy?they are the 50 simple solutions for having quality, Goof-Proof interviews that set you apart from the other candidates. By learning to correct basic blunders and using the proven information in the Goof-Proof Rules, you will find yourself evaluating job offers in no time! Goof-Proof Interviews includes:

  • Conversation models and practice dialogues to help you answer even the toughest interviewers' questions accurately, succinctly, and professionally.
  • Pre-interview information?from scheduling basics to conducting research to choosing the appropriate outfit that gets you on solid footing before the interview even begins.
  • Descriptions on the top ten interview formats, with tips for managing each situation.
  • Job offer evaluation strategies targeted to your experience, level, and individual needs.

This document and the related resource are downloadable PDF files. These files require the free Adobe Reader.