Interview Tips to Get the Job You Want


The job-search process can be time-consuming. To achieve success, you have to find the right job opportunities to apply for and then submit a well-written cover letter and finely tuned resume to capture the potential employer's attention. Then, it becomes your responsibility to impress the person who invites you in for a job interview. Only after a successful interview might you receive a job offer.

Assuming you apply for jobs that you are truly qualified to fill and that you have done an excellent job creating a well-written cover letter and resume, the next (and most important step) in the job-search process is acing the first interview, as well as any future interviews.

This course will help you answer the important questions on the interviewer's mind:

  • Will this candidate be successful in this job if he or she is hired?
  • Will this candidate be an asset to the company?
  • Is this candidate worth the salary the company would be paying him or her?

You'll also learn how to prepare for different job interview styles, conduct yourself professionally during any interview situation, and evaluate any job offer you receive.