Creating Great Cover Letters


One of the most common misconceptions among job seekers is that the resume is their primary marketing tool when looking for a job, while the cover letter is nothing more than a formality. This is completely false. The cover letter is yet another opportunity to impress a potential employer. A poor cover letter can actually take away from the positive impression you may convey through a well-composed resume. To make sure you write an impressive cover letter, this course will:

  • Teach you exactly what a cover letter is
  • Explain every element of a cover letter
  • Assist you in gathering your own information to include in a cover letter
  • Show you how to format your cover letters into professional, well-written documents

If you fill out each exercise in this course accurately, at the end of the final segment, you will have the option to download your cover letter in PDF format, which you can then print and send to a potential employer. Otherwise, you'll be provided with a text document that includes everything you've written, which you can paste into a word-processing program and format/edit on your own.