Aroostook District Public Health Improvement Plan

The Aroostook District Public Health Improvement Plan (DPHIP) identifies our District’s public health priorities in order to create a multi-year plan of objectives, strategies, and outcomes for District action. The DPHIP also informs partners of the District work and is used to inform the State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP).

The purpose and importance of creating and implementing the Aroostook DPHIP is based on the ten essential public health services through assessment, policy development, and assurance. Through the DPHIP, the Aroostook Public Health Council is working locally and regionally to meet public health accreditation and national public health standards through a community-based, multi-sector partnership to improve the public’s health.

In its 2017 - 2019 DPHIP, the Aroostook District Coordinating Council (ADCC) identified the following priorities:

-Improving Cardiovascular Health

-Reducing Impact of Substance Abuse

-Improving Healthy Weight

Click here to view or download a copy of the Aroostook DPHIP