Health care providers and facilities, medical laboratories, administrators, health officers, and veterinarians are required to report 78 infectious diseases to Maine CDC. Data from these reports help:

  • identify events that require immediate public health action, such as disease outbreaks and emerging diseases;
  • identify populations at higher risk of infection;
  • monitor trends in the burden of disease;
  • guide the planning, implementation, and evaluation of disease prevention and treatment programs;
  • and inform public policy.

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In 2016, Maine CDC followed up on 9,482 infectious disease reports. Of these:

  • 3,107 disease reports were investigated by Maine CDC staff.
  • 205 potential outbreaks were investigated by Maine CDC staff.

Maine CDC responded to more than 3,370 consults in 2016. The top five topics for consults were: rabies, tuberculosis, Zika, pertussis and Lyme disease. Of note, Maine CDC handled more than 100 consults on mumps.