Get Involved with the Midcoast Public Health Council

The Midcoast Public Health Council is one of eight geographic, and one Tribal, District Coordinating Councils for Public Health in Maine. The Council's responsibilities include:

  • Identifying District public health issues and coordinating public health activities in the District;
  • Providing public health services in our communities;
  • Addressing health disparities to meet the specific public health needs of our District;
  • Convening non-traditional public health partners;
  • Advising public health policy and allocation of funding; and,
  • Preparing and maintaining the public health system for public health accreditation.

The Council is made up of (elected) Council members representing public health "sectors" that are identified in the Council's bylaws and interested persons within the District. Please join us for one of our Council meetings to learn more about the work we do. While interested persons are not eligible to vote on Council business,they are invited to participate in one of the Council's District Public Health Improvement Plan (DPHIP) committees. Currently, we have committees in the each of our priority areas of:

  • Social Determinants of Health;
  • Mental Health; and,
  • Access to Care

To get involved or for more information, contact:

Lindsey O'Hara
Midcoast Public Health Educator

Melissa Fochesato
Midcoast Public Health Council Chair

Jemma Penberthy
Midcoast Public Health Council Vice Chair

2024 Midcoast Public Health District Coordinating Council Meeting Schedule

February 13th, April 9th, June 11th, September 10th, and November 12th