Card ME's Research & Information Base

The CARD ME Program is based on the:

  • Work of The Responsible Retailing Forum, a joint nationwide 501(c)3 which aims to bring together public and private stakeholders—regulatory and enforcement agencies; attorneys general; public health agencies and advocates; retailers and their associations; distributors and producers; and researchers—in order to (1) identify and promulgate Best Practices to prevent underage sales of age-restricted products; and (2) examine the impacts of RR policies from the diverse perspectives of these different stakeholders. The RR Forum's Integrated Model for Responsible Retailing was especially helpful in creating this collaborative program for licensees, community stakeholders, and public policy makers.
  • Report on Best Practices for Responsible Retailing (PDF*), prepared for the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Assurances of Voluntary Compliance executed by state Attorneys General and national retail chains that establish standards and procedures for Responsible Retailing
  • Training and other information from Frank Lyons of BC Consultants, a 23 year veteran of the Maine Bureau of Liquor Enforcement who has a state-certified seller-server training.