Maine Prevention Network

What is Maine Prevention Network?

A collaboration between the Maine CDC Tobacco and Substance Use Prevention and Control Program, Maine CDC Chronic Disease Programs (Obesity Prevention), and Public Health District-level community partners. With guidance from the Maine CDC, community partners work to implement evidence-based prevention programming for Substance Use, Tobacco, Obesity, and Youth Engagement and Empowerment.

What does the Maine Prevention Network focus on?

State and community partners work to make evidence-based community level changes in:

  • Tobacco Prevention and Control
  • Substance Misuse Prevention
  • Healthy Eating and Active Living (Obesity Prevention)
  • Youth Engagement and Empowerment

Who is involved in the Community Work?

The Maine Prevention Network Initiative includes contracts and collaboration with one organization in each Public Health District. Some districts work with other organizations across their community to do the local work. To learn more about the work in your Public Health District, contact the lead organization.

Maine Prevention Network Structure

How to learn more?

To learn more about the Maine Prevention Network Initiative, email