For Adults and Parents

All sectors of the community, especially parents and youth, are needed in successful prevention work. Members of the education, law enforcement, public health and health care communities are critical partners in substance abuse prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery efforts.

Much research in the substance abuse field has focused on identifying risk and protective factors that are correlated with the use of substances and related problems. Risk factors contribute to the likelihood of problem behaviors. Protective factors promote health and well-being and build resiliency. These factors, both risk and protective, exist in the following domains: peer/individual, family, school, community, and society. Effective prevention programs employ multiple strategies in multiple domains.

Risk and Protective factors are important in prevention of substance abuse. Here are a few 'protective factors' that parents and care givers have a direct impact on:

  • strong and positive family bonds;
  • parental monitoring of children's activities and peers;
  • clear rules of conduct that are consistently enforced within the family;
  • and involvement of parents in the lives of their children.

The resources on this site are to assist Parents and other Care Givers to strengthen protective factors and reduce risk factors for substance abuse.