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Substance abuse prevention shares many elements of commonality with other related fields of prevention (i.e. juvenile delinquency prevention, adolescent suicide prevention). Collaboration and cross training across the prevention field is needed to maximize resources (both human and material). Providers are an important component to successful substance abuse prevention.

The Office provides resources on research-based concepts, tools, skills, and strategies which may be shared among providers in Maine.

Through a commitment to lifelong learning and knowledge, providers and prevention specialists develop core competencies and stay current with the rapidly evolving skill base in our field.

All sectors of the community are needed in successful prevention work. Members of the education, law enforcement, public health and health care communities are critical partners in substance abuse prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery efforts.

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The Prevention Listserv is designed to share information including funding opportunities, seek resources from colleagues and share ideas.

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Training opportunities, continuing education and  coursework for substance abuse and other health related areas.