Presentations for Prevention Providers

The following is a collection of powerpoint presentations that the original presenters have permitted us to share on this site. One hour audio calls are also included here.


Substance Abuse Trends In Maine
Presentation by Tim Diomede at the 2012 Healthy Maine Partnership Regional Provider meetings.

Environmental Strategies

Environmental Strategies
This introduction to environmental strategies was adaped from a presentation by Becky Ireland of the Higher Education Alcohol Prevention Project (HEAPP) and Mary Bourque of the Partnership for a Tobacco Free Maine (PTFM).

Environmental Prevention Strategies: Putting Theory into Practice
This is an introduction to environmental strategies developed by SAMHSA for prevention providers and practioners.


Introduction to Problem Gambling (Webinar presented by Christine Theriualt, LSCW and Cheryl Cichowski of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services prevention team). Recorded on February 21, 2014. Presentation, PDF

One Hour Call Recordings (Audio & Powerpoint Presentations)


Parent Survey Webinar (Presented by Patrick O. Murphy, July 10th, 2015) Presentation, PDF


Overview of 2014 SEOW Community Profiles (Presented by Tim Diomede, September 12th, 2014) Presentation PDF

2014 Maine Substance Abuse Trends Report Overview (Presented by Tim Diomede, June 13, 2014) Presentation PDF

Special MIYHS Report: 2013 Academic Performance and Student Health Risk Technical Report (Presented by Stephen Corral, MIYHS Coordinator, SAMHS, May 23, 2014) Presentation, PDF

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: History, Prevalence, Diagnosis,and Effective Interventions (Presented by Andrea Pasco FASD/DAB State Coordinator, SAMHS, January, 24, 2014) Presentation, PDF


Tobacco Use: Data and Resources to Help Users Quit (Presented by Joanne Joy, Exec. Dir. of Healthy Communities of the Capital Area, Nov 15, 2013) Presentation, PDF

Maine Prescription Monitoring Program: Healthy Maine Partners Training (Presented by John Lipovsky and Eriko Farnsworth of the Maine PMP, Nov 12, 2013) Presentation, PDF

Update from the Maine Prescription Monitoring Program (Presented by John Lipovsky, PMP Coordinator, Oct. 3, 2013) Presentation, PDF

Snapshots and Trends: 2013 Comparison of Maine Public Health Districts (Presented by Tim Diomede, Sept. 2013) Presentation, PDF

2013 SEOW State Epidemiological Overview (Presented by Tim Diomede, August 2013) Presentation in PDF

Using a Tech-Based Tip Program to Detect and Intervene with Underage Drinking (Presented by Heidi Tucker, CASA, Michael Carter, Sagadahoc County Communications Center, Brett Strout, Sagadahoc County Sheriff's Office & Benjamin Donner, TipSoft Corp. -- 2/26/13). Presentation. PDF


Institutional Review Board (IRB) (Presented by Lliam Harrison, Director of Research Integrity, UNE & Jennifer Hutchinson, Research Compliance Specialist UNE -- 4/13/12)

Media Literacy and Prevention (Presented by William L. Paterson, Substance Abuse Prevention Project Director, UNE -- 6/1/12)

Maine Community Data Overview (Presented by Tim Diomede, State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup Coordinator, Maine Office of Substance Abuse -- 7/31/12) Presentation with notes (PDF).

Utilizing CESN Data with the Strategic Prevention Framework (Presented by Sarah Goan and Tim Diomede -- 8/23/12) Powerpoint presentation

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and Drug-Affected Babies: Framework, Challenges and Opportunities (Presented by Amanda Edgar, FASD/DAB State Coordinator -- 9/19/12) Powerpoint presentation


The Basics of Public Health
Developed by Brenda M. Joly, Maine Center for Public Health. This presentation for a general audience answers the question "What is public health?" It covers 10 essential services, determinants of health and achievements in the field.

Planning & Evaluation

Overview to the Guide for Assessing Needs and Resources and Selecting Science-Based Programs Covers how to do a needs assessment, gather data, develop a community profile, select programs and prepare for evaluation. Created by Hornby Zeller Associates. (2003)


Employee Education: Working Partners for an Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace
Ready-to-use slide presentation from the U.S. Dept. of Labor that employers can use to educate employees about their organization’s drug-free workplace policy and the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. Accompanying employee handouts.

Supervisor Training: Working Partners for an Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workplace
Ready-to-use slide presentation from the U.S. Dept. of Labor that employers can use as part of training for supervisors on recognizing symptoms of substance abuse and making referrals to help based on performance problems. Accompanying supervisor handouts.