Workforce Development

Developing the substance abuse prevention workforce in Maine is a priority for the Maine Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services. Initiatives to enhance quality prevention programming is ongoing.

The site is helpful in finding relevant trainings being held throughout Maine. The Northeast Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies offers on-line courses in many of these skill areas.

Professional Development Self Assessment

This worksheet will help prevention professionals assess their competencies.
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Prevention Workforce Development Surveys

Barriers and Opportunities for Transitioning Maine 's Substance Abuse Prevention Workforce toward a Population-Based Service Delivery Model, September 2008

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Technical Assistance Report through the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, June 16, 2003

The goal of this project was to begin the assessment process of understanding the demographics and training needs of the Substance Abuse Prevention workforce contracting for services with the State of Maine, Office of Substance Abuse Prevention. The survey was conducted in winter 2003 and analyzed by Tom McLaughlin, Associate Professor at the University of New England. This data informed the development of training and educational opportunities to meet the needs of the workforce.

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OSA Prevention Workforce Development Survey Report, 2008

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