How To Order Materials

  1. Meet with your local licensees to explain the program and work through the checklist with them.
  1. Determine which responsible retailing strategies from the guide the licensees are interested in implementing in their establishment.
  1. Fill out the appropriate form on premise order form or off premise order form for each licensee based on their interests

On Premise order form

Off Premise order form

NOTE: It is recommended that you have the materials sent to you so you can deliver them to the licensee. This enables you to continue to build a positive relationship with them.

  1. Email or fax the form or call the Information and Resource Center
    2. Fax 207-287-8910
    3. Call 1-800-499-0027 (In-State Only) or 207-287-8900, TTY users call Maine relay: 711
  1. Orders will be filled in a timely fashion and mailed out.

The IRC does not have kits for the Card ME Program; the program is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of the licensee. As the representative, it is expected that you will customize the materials ordered based on the licensee’s needs and not drop off or mail kits to them.

Please remember to order only the materials you will use immediately, please do not stockpile materials in your office. You may choose to order a few guides for licensees to be used when you meet with them for the first time, however, they are expensive and we would like to ensure they are distributed as needed.