Card ME Program Implementation Suggestions for Maine Liquor Licensees

Below are the steps the Card ME Program recommends liquor licensees take to lower their overall risk of illegal alcohol sales or service which may result in costly fines, higher insurance rates, and/or liability issues. Please remember that the Card ME Program is voluntary and designed to provide practical information and tools licensees may find helpful.

Step 1: Complete the Card ME “Checklist” found in the Card ME Guide for licensees (two versions: On-premise l Off-Premise) to gauge current responsible alcohol sales/service practices. The goal of this tool is to identify areas for improvement, so being honest and objective will support effectiveness.

Step 2: Review the available Card ME Program materials & read the Card ME Guide to learn about best practices and tools for responsible alcohol sales which could be added to complement your existing efforts.

On-Premise Licensee Materials

Off-Premise Licensee Materials

Step 3: Based on the results of the checklist, determine which areas need improvement and identify the best practices which will help meet these needs/weak areas. Write out a detailed plan of action and seek feedback from others, including employees.

Step 4: Implement the improved responsible alcohol sales/service system at your establishment. Build “buy in” from all employees and make sure they understand why having the system protects them, the establishment, and the community. Utilize the materials and support available through the Card ME Program to support you in these improvements.

Step 5: Continuously monitor and assess how the system is working and make modifications as necessary. Re-administer the checklist at least every 6 months (or more often- especially if there has been significant employee turnover or responsible sales/service changes).

Interested in learning more?

A local Healthy Maine Partnership may be available to tell you more about the Card ME Program and to support you in implementing the steps below. You may also contact the Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services at to inquire about other technical assistance which may be available to help you to prepare to utilize the Card ME Program in your establishment.