School IPM—Training and Events

Mandatory Training for IPM Coordinator

  1. Within one month of appointment complete Initial Training Module [PDF] AND
  2. Within 12 months of appointment complete the Comprehensive IPM Training (see table below) AND
  3. Earn 1 hour of Continuing Education credit per year. To earn CE credits:
    • Attend 1 hr or more of a Comprehensive IPM Workshop OR
    • Participate Complete 1 or more hours of training on any topic related to environmental health, pest prevention and management, or building and grounds maintenance offered by a reliable organization such as the recorded webinars, presentations, and videos listed below. Keep a record of your participation in your Pest Management Activity Log.

Comprehensive IPM Training




Wednesday, February 22, 2023

8 AM to 11:30AM

Comprehensive School IPM Training Workshop

Registration & More Information

POSTPONED Monday, December 19, 2022

8 AM to 11:30AM

Comprehensive School IPM Training Workshop

Registration & More Information

On-demand training  

On-Demand Comprehensive IPM Training. Complete all four (4) parts of the training. Then take Final Exam. Minimum passing score = 80%.

Part 1: Coordinator's Responsibilities  PDF   Powerpoint show

Part 2: Record-Keeping PDF

Part 3: Pesticides 101  PDF     Powerpoint show

Part 4 - Understanding Disinfectants PDF  Powerpoint show

Final Exam

Additional requirements for the use of powered sprayers by school staff can be found on the Maine School IPM COVID-19 webpage.

Non-School Personnel (such as private bus service drivers and private cleaning service staff) must have a Commercial Pesticide Applicator license to use powered application equipment such as electrostatic sprayers in/on school property (including buses). Licensing Brochure (PDF). FMI: Board of Pesticides Control. The recorded webinars and slides below are offered as a study/learning aid for those wishing to complete the license and certification examinations.

Questions? Contact us at or 207-287-2731.


  • Comprehensive IPM Training Spring 2021- Recorded webinar
  • Virtual IPM Workshop Apr 24 2020: IPM and Cleaning for Microbial and Rodent Pests [PDF]
  • Maine School IPM Coordinators Role [PDF or PPT)
  • Interpreting Pesticide Labels and Record-Keeping Requirements [PDF or PPT]
  • Pest Problem-Solving Excercises [PDF]
  • What to Expect When You're Inspected [PDF]
  • Pesticide Choice [PDF or PPT]
  • Turf Pest Management [PDF or PPT]
  • Ants, Mice, Bed Bugs and Other Critters: Solutions to Common and Challenging Pests [PDF or PPT]
  • Got Pests? Maintenance Solutions to Pest Problems [PDF or PPT]
  • Enhancing Your School IPM Program [PDF or PPT]
  • Pest Specific Strategies [PDF or PPT]
  • School Business Officials- New Resources for IPM [PDF or PPT]
  • Weeds: IPM Strategies for Long-term Prevention of Weeds [PDF]
  • Biocontrol on School Grounds [PDF]
  • Turf Insect IPM [PDF]

Online Training Modules

  • StopSchoolPests On-line Training Modules (free professional development training modules from IPM Institute for custodians, maintenance staff, administrators, school nurses, food service, teachers, and more).


Webinar Archive

Got the Itch? Browntail Moth on Maine School Grounds: How to Recognize, Treat and Manage it.

(Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. Aired 11/17/16). see also How to Remove Winter Webs

Tick Talk/ Tick Report Webinar Series

Ticks and Disease, How to Protect Yourself, and more (University of Massachusetts)

PestWise School IPM Webinar Series

School IPM Basics, Keeping Rodents Out, Dealing with Bedbugs, Tick Safe Schools, Managing Mosquitoes and more. (US EPA)

Green Shield Webinars

IPM and Asthma, Advanced IPM Techniques (GreenShield Certified program)

Indoor Air Quality for Schools Webinar Series


School IAQ Master Class Webinar Series


Healthy School Environments Webinar Series


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