Apiary (Honey Bee) Program

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Maine Beekeeper Survey 2023/2024

Data collected will be used to summarize beekeeping practices and losses in the State of Maine for the 2023/2024 beekeeping season. All responses are confidential. This survey should take about 15 minutes and we ask that you please provide information about honey bee colonies that you owned from April 2023 - April 2024.

A summary of the survey can be found on the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Apiary website mid-July 2024 and will be presented at the 2024 Maine State Beekeepers Annual Meeting.

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The purpose of the Apiary Program is to prevent the introduction and/or spread of regulated honey bee diseases, parasites, and undesirable genetic material in resident and migratory honey bee colonies, as well as encourage and maintain interstate movement of honey bees for crop pollination and honey production.

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Licensing, Importing and Inspection of Honey Bees

Anyone who keeps honeybees in Maine MUST obtain an apiary license.

Anyone who imports bees into Maine MUST submit an Import Notification of Bees form, a health certificate from the State of origin and pay the appropriate fee.

Honey bee colonies in Maine may be inspected for regulated diseases and parasites. Inspections of colonies may also be performed upon request.

Education, Training and Events

The Apiary program educates beekeepers, growers and the general public about bee keeping techniques and the value of honeybees to Maine agriculture.

Fact Sheets

Honey Bee Seasonal Management +

Honey Bee Pests and Diseases +

Native Bees +


  • Varroa Mite IPM: Four-Part Series for a Healthy Hive Webinar - Jen Lund (Maine State Apiarist) and Kim Skyrm (Massachusetts Chief Apiary Inspector) take a deep dive into managing Varroa mites (Varroa destructor). Join them in this multiple part webinar series where they discuss Varroa mite biology and life history, available and effective mite management tools, how to create a dynamic Varroa mite IPM plan, and a demonstration on the steps involved in performing an alcohol wash to make sure you get an accurate count.

Pollinator Resources

List of Swarm Collectors (as of September 2023)

Town Name Phone
Acton Scott & Terri Johnston 207-608-3211
Albion Jeremy and Sabrinnah Dube 207-437-4412
Albion Allen Fuller 207-437-2644
Alexander Lynne Lindsey 207-350-3423
Amity Bernadette Fleming 207-538-1872
Andover Christopher Bailey 207-392-1538
Andover David and Carol Holtzman 207-391-1149
Arundel Angie Levesque 207-282-1988
Ashland Catherine Chase 207-435-7182
Auburn Carl D. Larrabee  and Dennise P. Fitzgerald 207-577-4592
Bangor Erin Borges 603-731-0101
Bangor Timothy Moriarity 207-949-1560
Bangor Michael Anderson 207-356-4902
Bangor Amy Nickerson 207-735-6977
Bangor Timothy Perry 207-659-0562
Bangor Franklin Locke 207-951-2130
Bangor Bakhtier Nurmukhamedov 914-514-5442
Bass Harbor Norman Closson 207-244-9915
Belfast James Cox 207-322-1912
Belgrade Matthew Scott 207-441-8572
Berwick Cheryl Richardson 207-337-3233
Berwick Candice Leach Clark 603-312-7177
Berwick Cassandra Perrault 603-817-9206
Biddeford Matthew Haas 207-283-8518
Biddeford Steven Petrin 207-284-8805
Biddeford Todd and Jen Maloney 207-284-4693
Biddeford Tiffany Saucier 207-289-8001
Biddeford David James Coon 617-838-1339
Biddeford Nicolle Harmon & Mark St Pierre 207-590-7136
Big Lake Twp Michael Marshall 207-796-2122
Birch Harbor Cathy Bell 207-546-0425
Blue Hill Susan Brookman 207-374-7118
Boothbay Harbor Amy Winston 207-807-0707
Boothbay Harbor Cathy and Steve Berger 207-215-3811
Bowdoin Melissa Gale 207-632-3661
Brewer David Torrey 207-478-6008
Brooksville John Cousins Jr 207-460-3962
Brooksville Kathleen Lymburner 207-479-9943
Brooksville Debrae Bishop 207-664-4885
Brunswick Jennifer Thompson 207-837-9172
Brunswick Gretchen Feiss 207-729-3380
Bryant Pond Joseph Radcliff 207-381-6181
Bryant Pond David Dyson 617-818-1398
Buckfield Roger & Debra Shannon 207-838-8851 or 207-330-8077
Bucksport James Sohns 207-469-3627
Bucksport Benjamin Ames 207-479-0789
Burlington Fred Curtis Jr. 207-731-9318
Buxton Matt Roy 207-229-9125
Buxton Derek Ludwig 218-790-8447
Camden Carmine Destefano 207-593-7129
Camden Michael Remsen 207-236-9776
Canaan Mark Reifschneider 207-474-3854
Cape Elizabeth Muzzy Barton 207-232-8608
Cape Elizabeth Jennifer Gray 207-747-5086
Carmel Benjamin Meek 207-299-6176
Cherryfield Emily Paulmier 207-669-0659
Chester Andrew Edwards 207-290-1047
China Julia Basham 207-446-9201
Clinton David Wacome 207-431-1387
Cooper Laurie Pike 207-214-7335
Cornville Nate Richardson 207-431-0806
Denmark Orianna Bailey 207-321-1441
Dexter Stephen Heneise 207-924-4184
Dover-Foxcroft Nicholas Calderone 207-717-0888
Dover-Foxcroft Herbert Aumann 207-564-0043
Dresden Julia Simpson 207-837-9771
Dresden Ashley Field 207-776-2055
Dresden Kevin Polk 207-798-9765
Durham Claire Ross 207-846-1254
Durham Adam Gamache 207-798-1654
Durham Jeffrey Tindall 207-330-8787
East Dixfield Kerrieann Harrison 207-778-1313
East Machias Neil Albee 207-461-6546
East Waterboro Andrew Doyle 207-356-0170
Edgecomb Andrew Abello 207-882-6634
Eliot Brian Berounsky Jr. 207-475-7373
Eliot Heidi West 603-817-8636
Ellsworth Anthony Hill 207-664-9475
Ellsworth Patrick Hall 207-812-4111
Enfield Allen & Jane LeBrun 207-487-7810
Exeter Neil Bonneville 207-659-2381
Falmouth Mary Desilva 603-773-8648
Falmouth Joseph Bates 207-317-3323
Falmouth Tim Ryan 224-558-2635
Falmouth Paul Mullen 207-615-5567
Farmingdale Reginald Gracie Jr. 207-447-2896
Farmington Joseph Clark 207-307-1457
Fort Fairfield Richard Urquhart 435-225-4584
Freedom Christina Monk 207-907-5501
Freedom Joe Freeman 207-382-6610
Freeport Michael Thompson 207-233-5792
Freeport Thomas Russell 207-831-5890
Freeport Jane Baxter 207-865-7076
Freeport Mary Elizabeth McCafferty 207-460-7921
Freeport Carolyn Jensen 781-424-6614
Freeport Brian Kessler 207-865-3900
Gardiner David LeGloahec & Julia Samson 207-689-1230
Gardiner Michael Phillips 207-582-1141
Georgetown Laurie Martin 207-371-2160
Glenburn Karen and Freeman Walker 207-944-6197
Glenburn Robert Bilotta 207-944-4500
Gorham John Gobel 207-852-7300
Gorham Joanne Romano 207-839-4476
Gorham Jean & Chad Butts 207-929-0645
Gorham Tom Pitman 207-776-5540
Gorham Barbara Slager 207-233-3961
Gorham Dan Randall 207-839-3405
Grand Isle Jeannot (Johnny) Damboise 207-316-4661
Gray Brent Wade 207-751-0532
Greenbush Glen Milton 207-356-7530
Greene Mario Blais 207-576-4354
Greene Mario Blais 207-576-4354
Hallowell Till Hoffman 207-320-9737
Hampden Paula Spacco 207-862-3383
Hampden Lea Thornwall 207-907-9827
Hancock Trisha Morris 207-702-0075
Harpswell Shani Kiczek 207-891-2968
Harpswell Jennifer Schmidtmann 207-653-8844
Harpswell Nancy Goggin 207-844-0585
Harpswell Tad & Celeste Danforth 508-685-4739
Harpswell Judith Stanton 207-376-7888
Hebron Hunter Bernard Wormwood 207-461-1887
Hermon Dan Albert 207-745-9200
Hiram Skip Estes 207-625-3629
Hiram Mervin Kuhns 207-625-2390
Holden Ben Bartlett 207-991-2375
Hollis Patricia Hawley 207-727-5186
Hollis Wilfred Gagne 207-240-0991
Hollis Saul Lindauer 207-546-1319
Hope James Ecklund 609-865-4663
Houlton Lauren Fitzpatrick 207-521-7231
Houlton Roger Callnan 207-532-9600
Islesboro William Merryman 207-754-5743
Jay Andrew Quirrion 207-491-5744
Jefferson Raymond Hayes 207-624-2988
Kennebunk Gregory Morse 207-985-4738
Kennebunk Ben Byrne 215-692-3715
Kingfield Wade Browne 207-265-4010
Kittery Emily & Will Locke 443-562-4121 or 617-840-7135
Kittery Tom Sorrentino 207-439-6938
Kittery Point Craig and Marcia Steidle 603-531-0731
Limerick Carmen Henriques 781-346-3269
Limerick John MoHolland 802-373-4745
Limerick Jeffrey Georgia 207-730-0954
Limerick Matthew Stackpole 207-253-9326
Limestone John Lyons 207-496-7954
Limington Robert Cyr 303-2750
Limington Robert Lister 207-219-9530
Lincoln Kevin Crocker 207-631-5829
Lincolnville Ray DeGrass 207-691-2186
Lincolnville Glenn Sampson 207-323-0384
Lincolnville Dick Vermeulen 207-319-9518
Livermore Sue Biliouris 207-240-9385
Livermore Falls Tina Pelletier 207-576-1465
Long Island Kay and Michael Johnson 207-766-2485
Long Island Christian & Lynn LaMontagne 207-766-0995
Lovell Josephine Lamb 859-797-0448
Lubec Daniel Shults 207-263-8182
Lyman Joseph Plasse 207-281-2435
Madrid Will Crockett 207-639-4409
Manchester Zack Mahon 321-465-6966
Manchester Tom Bartol 207-621-0787
Mapleton Gary Doody 207-764-7153
Mapleton Amanda Pelletier 646-279-8210
Mariaville Bob Whitten 207-659-3897
Mars Hill John Lohrenz 203-906-7552
Mechanic Falls Russell Toussaint 207-576-7977
Medford Sam Bradeen 207-943-2615
Medford Bradie Mackin 860-608-5805
Medway Jay LaPorte 207-373-8400
Medway Gary Binder 603-303-2945
Mercer Bjarki Gunnarsson 201-321-5090
Mexico Melanie Allen 207-210-5766
Milbridge Sam Cheeney 207-598-5729
Millinocket Stephen Noyes 978-836-0361
Monmouth Daria Betts 207-798-9525
Monmouth Debora (Debbi) Farrell 207-215-4671
Monson Rebecca Hancock 207-343-2497
Montville Edward Bower 207-512-0149
Montville Chris Percy 201-310-6703
Mount Desert Kristin Proppe 207-669-2208
Mount Vernon David Weeks 207-293-3407
Mount Vernon Melysa Cassidy 207-415-3879
Mount Vernon Mark Gilbert 207-458-1704
Naples Jason Chan 207-423-0160
New Gloucester Thomas Delaney 207-329-4275
New Gloucester Alec Drown 207-233-2211
New Sharon Ted Dunn 207-491-3055
Nobleboro Ted Sprague 207-563-2262
Nobleboro Matt and Maisie Sturtevant 207-563-8636
Norridgewock Elizabeth Wilder & Erik Beckman 603-937-7762
North Yarmouth Matthew Dubois 207-329-4238
North Yarmouth Rod Nadeau 207-653-2131
North Yarmouth Larry Cochran 207-232-8613
North Yarmouth William Kmetetz 914-213-9110
Norway Martha McLean 207-890-9422
Oakland William Haiss 207-313-4418
Orland James Parsons 207-479-1482
Orono Black Bear Beekeepers 207-631-9536
Orono Gregory Milliken 617-538-0729
Orrington Daniel Foster 207-852-1772
Otis Kurt Judson 207-565-7004
Otisfield Elizabeth Baker 207-595-2610
Owls Head Ronnie Dennison 207-975-4014
Palermo Joshua Carrier 207-458-1022
Peaks Island Christopher Jenkins 617-595-5434
Perry Alex Claverie 207-853-9699
Phippsburg Robin Kemp 603-505-1515
Phippsburg Charline Wyman 207-389-2985
Phippsburg Aliaon Winslow 979-220-2056
Pittsfield Ron Michaud 207-356-9681
Pittston Jeff DesLauriers 207-740-2432
Plymouth Tammy Hopkins 207-649-0930
Poland Mary Jane Dillingham 207-713-9557
Poland Paul Doak 207-240-1135
Portland DeAnne & James Curran 207-465-5046
Portland George Theall 207-332-6157
Portland David Roberts 207-749-7616
Portland Jade Christensen 860-605-0709
Pownal Amanda June Chaves 207-890-4499
Pownal George Anderson Sr. 207-688-4968
Presque Isle Dana & Patti Drake 207-540-5520
Princeton George Wallace 207-796-5065
Prospect Merl Annis, III 207-567-3645
Prospect Harbor Alexis Souders 207-664-4801
Rangeley Christopher Farmer 207-450-4600
Raymond Mark Van Winkle 207-655-4739
Readfield Warren Barter Jr 207-446-5214
Readfield Stacey Shaw 207-446-4646
Readfield Stephen & Cathy Vorpagal 207-685-3516
Richmond Shane Patrick 603-727-2006
Rockland Marjorie McKeon 207-691-8168
Rockland Myles Allen 207-329-2218
Rockport Tom Cox 207-236-4396
Rockwood Dave Hartmann 203-887-6293
Rumford Nicholas Kelley 207-364-4121
Rumford Norman Fournier 207-364-7451
Sabattus David and Shannon Dow 207-577-3710
Sabattus Adam Digiovanni 978-852-4872
Saco Marc Cardullo 207-590-5760
Saco Mark Booker 207-400-6761
Sandy Point James Nichols 207-567-3967
Scarborough Geoff MacLean 207-415-9044
Searsmont Aaron Taylor 207-322-1061
Searsmont Morgan Martin 207-322-9350
Searsport Richard Chattick 207-299-0040
Searsport Ann DeYoung 781-626-4787
Sebago Ann Marie Jefferson 603-262-0844
Sedgwick Richard Thoms 802-363-6579
Shapleigh Gary Creisher 508-415-4207
Shapleigh Karen Ridley 207-432-7753
Sidney Curt Beveridge 207-547-3940
Skowhegan Devyn Nadeau 207-902-9747
Skowhegan Tristen Hinkle 207-474-7175
Skowhegan David Kenney 207-474-5255
Solon Melissa Brewer 919-795-8759
South Berwick Jason Goldstein 603-892-7135
South Berwick Amy Hartin 207-703-8470
South China Felicia Dumont & Andrew Pomiak 207-649-3378
South Gardiner Bonnie Collier 603-867-6016
South Portland Peter Ingram 207-400-6393
South Portland Mark Goodwin 207-416-5707
South Portland Peter Googins 207-329-0205
Springvale Margaret or Richard McLaughlin 207-370-2215
Springvale Robert Hull 207-608-2491
St Albans David Michaud 207-612-6780
St Albans Heron Breen 207-938-4113
Starks Tina Huff 317-525-5838
Stockton Springs Scott Moore 207-567-3680
Stoneham Christina Turner 207-530-7134
Stoneham Donald Gouin 207-595-2046
Stonington Deanna Oliver 207-469-5851
Stow Mike Carbone 978-408-1211
Strong Dana Toothaker 207-860-6155
Sullivan Timothy Ring or Greg Ring 207-460-0426 or 207-460-1936
Surry Jonathan Cole 207-329-0430
Temple John Stewart 207-939-1044
Tenants Harbor Stuart Rich 207-691-1546
Tenants Harbor Glenn Yovino 207-691-0519
Topsham Hannah Bewsey 207-899-8099
Topsham Deborah Jackson 207-721-158
Topsham Carroll Smith 207-729-0882
Turner Roland Lajoie 207-224-7472
Turner Michael Chavez 207-576-2456
Vassalboro Sky Danforth 207-242-1814
Vassalboro William Thompson 207-215-3280
Vienna Kirsten and Josh Heck 207-293-2034
Wade Blake Hatt 207-551-1811
Waldoboro Dorothy Gormley 781-520-1182
Wales Jeremy Weaver 207-933-6868
Warren Alvin Chase 207-596-9128
Warren Allison Cekala 207-712-6224
Warren Gregory Overlock 207-542-7506
Washington Kelly McCloughan 207-790-4050
Waterford Kember Vanderblue 207-461-0504
Waterford Shawn & Traci Wood 207-890-6648
Wayne Karyn Whittemore 623-556-3310
Wesley Thane Youngsma 508-889-5778
West Bath Jon Jones 207-837-8293
West Farmington Willis & Lynn Lamb 207-578-1705
Westbrook Daniel Gray 207-939-0866
Westbrook Evan Hevey 207-408-6250
Wilton Jennifer Clark 207-578-2907
Wilton Kyle Ellis 207-578-0828
Windham Leon (Buzz) Cooper, Jr. 207-892-9223
Windham Nathan Maurais 207-272-7587
Windham Chris & Vanessa Rogers 207-893-2847
Winslow Walter Kiesow 207-680-6265
Winterport Ted and Joni Pearson 207-223-5013
Wiscasset Morris Farm Trust 207-882-4080
Wiscasset Nate Spear 207-882-7065
Woolwich Scott Baldwin 207-522-9480
Woolwich Rainier Eich 207-798-2031
Wytopitlock Susan Szwed 207-456-7018
Yarmouth Michael Balzanelli 207-319-9499
Yarmouth David Asherman 207-846-9690
Yarmouth Ashley Curry 207-807-1051
York Charles d'Entremont 207-439-9284