Coastal Sand Dune Geology 1:4,800-scale Maps Digital Data

Maine's coastal beaches and dune are constantly changing. Erosion or accretion can reshape the beach and dunes over time so remapping is needed for resource protection and coastal development. There are two datasets available for download: 1) Erosion Hazard Areas and 2) Sand Dune Boundaries. The Maine Geological Survey used these datasets to produce the Coastal Sand Dune Geology Maps which is the official map product. The boundaries shown here were originally based on 2003 aerial photography, 2004 LiDAR, and field work. The years of aerial photography and LiDAR can be found in the legend of the corresponding Open-File Map. The lines are the best available representation of the source information but displayed with additional information to facilitate the project review. There may be differences in the location of regulatory lines due to the accuracy of geographic registration of additional materials or the method of creating graphic overlays. Unless approved by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, the MGS Open-File product supersedes this additional information for use in permitting under Chapter 355, the Coastal Sand Dune Rules.

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