Submit a Compliment or Complaint

Submit a Compliment or Complaint

Compliment / Complaint Process

The Maine Department of Corrections is committed to ensuring the highest ethical standards and professional conduct of all its employees. It is through this expectation that the Department strives to provide the finest quality of services to the citizens of the State of Maine.

Employees are expected to be role models and set a good example for those in the custody and under the supervision of the Department of Corrections.

The Maine Department of Corrections' Office of Professional Review has been established to ensure the integrity of the Department is maintained and that objectivity, fairness and justice are ensured through an impartial investigation and review of each Complaint brought to the Departments attention. This process is in place for the protection of the Department, public, clients and staff.  Additionally, Compliments made to staff serve to help establish good morale and a positive work environment.

When a Compliment or Complaint is brought to our attention, it causes the Department of Corrections to examine the services it provides to the State of Maine and if warranted, make necessary improvements in the way we provide those services.

You may contact us by utilizing the form associated with this website, sending a letter, visiting or calling the Facility or Probation Regional Office whose staff was involved in the incident you will reference.  You may likewise communicate your Compliment/Complaint to the Maine Department of Corrections Central Office at the address/ phone number as indicated below.

Submitting a Compliment

As a citizen, if you feel that you have been provided with a service or had an interaction with one of our employees that was beyond your expectation, the Maine Department of Corrections encourages you to bring this positive experience to our attention. Employee recognition increases performance from our staff and promotes professionalism. Your feedback is vital to the Department's mission to improve services and promote employee acknowledgment. Minimally when the Department receives a compliment, the employee will be made aware of your kindness and appreciation.

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Submitting a Complaint

If you have a concern that rises to the level of a Complaint, the Maine Department of Corrections encourages you to bring it to our attention.  A Complaint is a concern relative to the behavior of an Employee, Volunteer, Student Intern or person providing services under contract or agreement with the Department which, if found to be true; would be a violation of the Department’s Policies, the laws of the State of Maine or other performance based issue.

Investigating the Complaint

Once a complaint has been received, a Preliminary Inquiry is conducted into the matter. Once completed, the information obtained is reviewed by the Office of Professional Review, and a determination is made, based on the totality of the circumstances, as to how the situation is to be handled.  The incident could be:

  • "Closed for No Reasonable Cause" to investigate
  • dealt with as a "Performance Issue"
  • become a full "Administrative-Personnel Complaint Investigation" 
  • handled through any of a number of options in between, and as allowed by the collective bargaining agreement pertaining to the staff involved

Upon the completion of this process, a letter will be forward to the complaining individual to advise of the completion of the process.  While anonymous complaints are accepted, it should be noted that the more information provided, to include contact information, the better able we are to complete a fair, thorough and timely investigation.


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