Medical Services

Comprehensive health care services within the Department of Corrections are provided by Wellpath. Wellpath provides a team-based, patient-centered approach, which ensures safe and quality services focused on the unique needs of our patient population. The medical services team works collaboratively with the Behavior Health Team and custody partners to meet the unique and individual needs of all of our residents. All MDOC residents have access to health care services through the submission of a sick-call request slip.

Intake Assessment

Upon initial intake at a MDOC facility, each resident has a comprehensive health screening by a member of the Wellpath nursing team. The intake screening provides valuable insight into the resident’s medical, mental health, substance use, and dental history. The screening is the first step in identifying immediate medical needs, needs for special accommodations, arranging for necessary follow up care, screening for infectious disease, and possible urgent MH needs.

Physical Health Assessments

Within 14 days of initial intake at a MDOC facility, each resident will have a comprehensive physical exam by a licensed medical provider. This assessment is completed annually for all residents, regardless of age.

Chronic Care Clinics

All residents that have a chronic illness or condition are seen at least every 180 days by a licensed medical provider for follow up and ongoing monitoring of their condition. Individualized treatment plans are updated and modified to meet the needs of the patient at these encounters.

Sick-Call Clinics

All residents access health services through the submission of Sick-Call Request Slips, which are collected and triaged each day by a qualified nursing professional. Each resident is then scheduled for a sick-call encounter with either nursing or a medical provider.

Dental Services

Following admission to a MDOC facility, each resident will be scheduled to meet with a Dentist and a Dental Hygienist for a comprehensive dental exam, panoramic X-ray’s, development of a patient-centered plan of care, and will receive education on oral hygiene and self-care.

Specialty Services

Some of the specialty services that are provided within our facilities, through contracted partnerships with community-based service providers, include laboratory and limited diagnostic testing, portable X-ray, physical therapy, denture services, and optometry services. For specialty services not provided on site, a referral is made to community providers and the MDOC transports residents for appointments in the community.

Emergency Services

Nursing staff is onsite and available for emergency response at all of our major institutions 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Minimum-security facilities have approximately 16 hours of nursing coverage. When nursing staff is not available, access to emergency services are available via CPR-certified security staff, EMS, and availability of urgent tele-health support 24/7. All facilities are equipped with an appropriate number of AED’s and a full complement of emergency response equipment. Additionally, staff at all MDOC facilities are trained and certified in the delivery of CPR and use of the AED’s.

Resident Peer Assistance Programs

The Wellpath medical team also provides education, training, and guidance for residents that choose to participate in the peer assistance programs that are currently available within the MDOC facilities. One such program is the Hospice Volunteer program, which is staffed by resident volunteers, who help to provide end of life care for terminally ill residents as well as supportive services for residents who are not terminally ill, but require additional assistance with managing their activities of daily living.  Another program that teaches residents to provide supportive care for their peers is the Helping Hands program. Residents that are trained for this program provide support for peers that require some assistance with mobility, activities of daily living, meal setup, companionship, recreational activities, etc.

Specialty Units


MDOC residents who require a higher level of nursing care may be considered for placements in one of our specialty units. Maine State Prison houses our only inpatient infirmary. The infirmary is a 7-bed unit that is staffed by a nurse 24/7 and provides care for residents with special health needs including post-operative recovery, IV infusions, respiratory isolation, hospice care, and a variety of sub-acute conditions that do not rise to the level of requiring hospitalization.

Assisted Living Unit

MDOC residents that require a higher level of nursing care than those in general population housing, in order to complete their activities of daily living, may be considered for admission to an Assisted Living Unit that is staffed with a Licensed Nurse and Certified Nursing Assistant in order to provide for the needs of this patient population. Mountain View Correctional Facility is home to a 40-bed male Assisted Living Unit and, for our female residents, a smaller unit is available within the Women’s Center at Maine Correctional Center.