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Inspection Division

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Pursuant to MRSA 34-A  §1208, “The commissioner shall establish standards, pursuant to the Maine Administrative Procedure Act, Title 5, chapter 375, for county and municipal jails, holding facilities and short-term detention areas, referred to in this section as county and municipal detention facilities, as follows and shall enforce them.”

A PDF copy of these standards:  Standards for County and Municipal Detention Facilities

Submitting a Complaint

If you feel that a county jail is in violation of one or more of these standards, you may submit a complaint in the link (below), and a MDOC Jail Inspector will investigate the complaint and request corrective action from the jail if the complaint is substantiated.

However, we do encourage the inmate to first file a grievance with the jail. This provides an opportunity for the inmate and Jail Administration to resolve the matter internally. Alternatively, a family member may also contact the Sheriff or Jail Administrator on behalf of the inmate.

Submitting a Compliment

If you feel that you have been provided with a service or had an interaction with county jail staff that was beyond your expectation, the Maine Department of Corrections Inspection Division encourages you to bring this positive experience to our attention. Recognition increases performance and promotes professionalism. Your feedback is vital to improve services and promote employee acknowledgment.

File a compliment, or complaint here