Natural Community Fact Sheets

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Scientific Name Common Name State Rank Global Rank
Acidic Cliff - Gorge Acidic Cliff S4 GNR
Alder Floodplain Alder Floodplain S4 GNR*
Alder Shrub Thicket Alder Thicket S5 G4G5
Alpine Cliff Alpine Cliff S1 GNR
Aspen - Birch Woodland/Forest Complex Early Successional Forest S5 G5
Atlantic White Cedar Bog Atlantic White Cedar Bog S1 G3G4
Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Atlantic White Cedar Swamp S2 G3G5
Balsam Poplar Floodplain Forest Balsam Poplar Floodplain Forest S2 GNR
Beach Strand Coastal Beach S4 G4G5
Beech - Birch - Maple Forest Northern Hardwoods Forest S5 G3G5
Bilberry - Mountain Heath Alpine Snowbank Alpine Snowbank S1 G2G3
Birch - Oak Talus Woodland Birch - Oak Rocky Woodland S3 G3G5
Black Ash Swamp Black Ash Swamp S4 GNR*
Black Spruce Woodland Black Spruce Woodland S3 G4?
Bluebell - Balsam Ragwort Shoreline Outcrop Rivershore Outcrop S2 G3
Blueberry - Lichen Barren Blueberry Barren S2 GNR
Bluejoint Meadow Tall Grass Meadow S4 G4G5
Bog Moss Lawn Mossy Bog Mat S4 GNR
Boreal Circumneutral Open Outcrop Circumneutral Outcrop S2 GNR
Brackish Tidal Marsh Brackish Tidal Marsh S3 GNR
Bulrush Bed Bulrush Marsh S4 GNR
Cattail Marsh Cattail Marsh S5 G5
Cedar - Spruce Seepage Forest Evergreen Seepage Forest S4 GNR
Chestnut Oak Woodland Chestnut Oak Woodland S1 G3G5
Circumneutral Riverside Seep Riverside Seep S2 G2
Circumneutral-Alkaline Water Macrophyte Suite Circumneutral Pond S2 GNR
Cotton-grass - Heath Alpine Bog Alpine Bog S1 GNR
Crowberry - Bayberry Headland Downeast Maritime Shrubland S2 GNR
Crowberry - Bilberry Summit Bald Mid-elevation Bald S3 G2G3
Deer-hair Sedge Bog Lawn Coastal Sedge Bog S2 GNR
Diapensia Alpine Ridge Windswept Alpine Ridge S1 G2G3
Dogwood - Willow Shoreline Thicket Riverside Shrub Thicket S2 GNR
Dune Grassland Dune Grassland S2 G4?
Dwarf Heath - Graminoid Alpine Ridge Heath Alpine Ridge S2 G4?
Fir - Heart-leaved Birch Subalpine Forest Subalpine Fir Forest S3 GNR
Freshwater Tidal Marsh Freshwater Tidal Marsh S2 G4?
Hardwood River Terrace Forest Upper Floodplain Hardwood Forest S3 GNR
Hardwood Seepage Forest Hardwood Seepage Forest S3 GNR
Heath - Crowberry Maritime Slope Bog Maritime Slope Bog S2 G3G5
Heath - Lichen Subalpine Slope Bog Subalpine Hanging Bog S1 G3G5
Hemlock - Hardwood Pocket Swamp Pocket Swamp S2 G5
Hemlock Forest Hemlock Forest S4 G4G5
Huckleberry - Crowberry Bog Maritime Huckleberry Bog S3 G3G5
Hudsonia River Beach Riverwash Sand Barren S1 G1
Ironwood - Oak - Ash Woodland Oak - Ash Woodland S3 G3G5
Jack Pine Forest Jack Pine Forest S1 G4G5
Jack Pine Woodland Jack Pine Woodland S3 G3G5
Labrador Tea Talus Dwarf - Shrubland Cold-air Talus Slope S2 G3G5
Lakeshore Sand/Cobble Beach Lakeshore Beach S4 GNR*
Leatherleaf Boggy Fen Leatherleaf Bog S4 G5
Little Bluestem - Blueberry Sandplain Grassland Sandplain Grassland S1 GNR
Low Sedge - Buckbean Fen Lawn Low Sedge Fen S3 GNR
Maple - Basswood - Ash Forest Enriched Northern Hardwoods Forest S3 GNR
Maritime Spruce - Fir Forest Maritime Spruce - Fir Forest S4 G4G5
Mixed Graminoid - Forb Saltmarsh Mixed Saltmarsh S3 G5
Mixed Graminoid - Shrub Marsh Grassy Shrub Marsh S5 GNR
Mixed Tall Sedge Fen Tall Sedge Fen S4 G4G5
Mountain Alder - Bush-honeysuckle Subalpine Meadow Subalpine Meadow S1 GNR
Mountain Holly - Alder Woodland Fen Tall Shrub Fen S4 G5
Northern White Cedar Swamp Northern White Cedar Swamp S4 GNR
Northern White Cedar Woodland Fen Open Cedar Fen S4 GNR
Oak - Hickory Forest Oak - Hickory Forest S1 GNR*
Oak - Pine Forest Oak - Pine Forest S5 G5
Oak - Pine Woodland Oak - Pine Woodland S4 G3G5
Pickerelweed - Macrophyte Aquatic Bed Pickerelweed Marsh S5 GNR
Pipewort - Water Lobelia Aquatic Bed Sandy Lake - Bottom S5 GNR
Pitch Pine - Heath Barren Pitch Pine - Heath Barren S1 G3G5
Pitch Pine - Scrub Oak Barren Pitch Pine - Scrub Oak Barren S2 G2
Pitch Pine Bog Pitch Pine Bog S2 G3G5
Pitch Pine Dune Woodland Pitch Pine Dune Woodland S1 G2
Pitch Pine Woodland Pitch Pine Woodland S3 G2
Red Maple - Sensitive Fern Swamp Red Maple Swamp S5 G3G5
Red Maple Wooded Fen Red Maple Fen S4 GNR
Red Oak - Northern Hardwoods - White Pine Forest Oak - Northern Hardwoods Forest S5 GNR
Red Pine - White Pine Forest Red and White Pine Forest S3 G3G4
Red Pine Woodland Red Pine Woodland S3 G3G5
Red Spruce - Mixed Conifer Woodland Spruce - Pine Woodland S4 G3G5
Rocky Summit Heath Rocky Summit Heath S4 GNR
Rose - Bayberry Maritime Shrubland Rose Maritime Shrubland S4 G4
Sand Cherry - Tufted Hairgrass River Beach Laurentian River Beach S2 G3?
Seaside Goldenrod - Goosetongue Open Headland Open Headland S4 GNR
Sedge - Leatherleaf Fen Lawn Sedge - Heath Fen S4 G4G5
Semi-rich Northern Hardwood Forest Sugar Maple Forest S4 GNR*
Sheep Laurel Dwarf Shrub Bog Dwarf Shrub Bog S5 G5
Shrubby Cinquefoil - Sedge Circumneutral Fen Circumneutral Fen S2 G2G3
Silver Maple Floodplain Forest Silver Maple Floodplain Forest S3 GNR
Spartina Saltmarsh Salt-hay Saltmarsh S3 G5
Spruce - Fir - Birch Krummholz Spruce - Fir Krummholz S3 GNR
Spruce - Fir - Broom-moss Forest Lower Elevation Spruce - Fir Forest S5 GNR
Spruce - Fir - Cinnamon Fern Forest Spruce - Fir Wet Flat S4 GNR
Spruce - Fir - Wood-sorrel - Feather-moss Forest Montane Spruce - Fir Forest S5 G3G5
Spruce - Heath Barren Black Spruce Barren S2 G5
Spruce - Larch Wooded Bog Black Spruce Bog S4 G3G5
Spruce - Northern Hardwoods Forest Spruce - Northern Hardwoods Forest S5 GNR
Spruce Talus Woodland Spruce Rocky Woodland S4 G3G5
Sweetgale Mixed Shrub Fen Sweetgale Fen S4 G4G5
Three-toothed Cinquefoil - Blueberry Low Summit Bald Low-elevation Bald S3 GNR
Three-way Sedge - Goldenrod Outwash Plain Pondshore Outwash Plain Pondshore S1 G2G3
Tussock Sedge Meadow Sedge Meadow S4 GNR
Twisted Sedge Cobble Rivershore Cobble Rivershore S4 GNR*
Water-lily - Macrophyte Aquatic Bed Open-water Marsh S5 G4G5
White Cedar Woodland White Cedar Woodland S2 GNR
White Oak - Red Oak Forest White Oak - Red Oak Forest S3 GNR
White Pine - Mixed Conifer Forest White Pine Forest S5 G5


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