Focus Areas

Map showing locations of focus areas in Maine

Focus Area Descriptions

Beginning with Habitat (BwH) Focus Areas are landscape scale areas that contain exceptionally rich concentrations of at-risk species and natural communities and high quality common natural communities, significant wildlife habitats, and their intersection with large blocks of undeveloped habitat.

These non-regulatory areas are intended as a planning tool for landowners, conservation entities, and towns. BwH Focus Areas, unlike some other habitat values, are tied to specific environmental settings and are not geographically transferable. Thus they warrant place-specific conservation attention through a variety of methods ranging from conservation acquisition to focused implementation of best management practices. It is hoped that identification of BwH Focus Areas will help to build regional awareness and concentrate conservation initiatives in those areas of the landscape with the greatest biodiversity significance.

Please visit the Beginning with Habitat (BwH) Focus Areas page for more information about how these focus areas were designated.

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