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Maine is a predominantly rural state, and relies heavily on decentralized sewage disposal facilities for disposal of human waste, i.e., septic systems. The State of Maine has regulated septic systems since 1920 to varying degrees. Over the years, the Maine State Plumbing Code, Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules (Rules) in their various versions have been administered by the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (MECDC) and its predecessors.

The MECDC has been and continues to be responsible for the Rules because they have historically been viewed as a public health code, rather than an environmental regulation.

The Subsurface Wastewater Team, within the MECDC's Division of Environmental Health, Drinking Water Program promulgates and administers the Rules. Our mission is to minimize health and safety hazards associated with improperly installed subsurface waste water disposal systems.

What's New at the Subsurface Wastewater Team

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New Form

The HHE-239 Form, Certificates of Approval, has been updated. This form is used tby Local Plumbing Inspectors to keep track of installation inspections.


Policies Update

The Subsurface Wastewater Team is reviewing policies which are either outdated or have been superseded by revisions to the Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules. More information.


Upcoming 2014 Training

Maine Rural Water Association
Septic Systems: From Design to Approval Specializing in Seasonal Conversion

Brent Lawson and Ken Stratton have been busy working on the new agenda for this year. This is a rare and unique, hands-on class providing attendees with start-to-finish instruction of septic system design, installation and the two inspections of the LPI/CEO.

Come prepared for field work and classroom work and to bring details of "problem" systems for discussion and insight. Don't forgot your Subsurface Rule Book too!

Join two of the State's best in the business!


August 13, 2014
August 14, 2014


MRWA's Training Facility
254 Alexander Reed Road


$75.00 per MRWA member
$90.00 per Non-member

For more information or to register, visit the MRWA web site.


September 3, 2014

Back by popular demand, The Maine Association of Professional Soil Scientists, the Maine Association of Wetland Scientists and the Maine Association of Site Evaluators is once again sponsoring the workshop held last year at Mt. Blue State Park in Weld, Maine. The date for the workshop is Wednesday, September 3, 2014. As those of you who attended the workshop last year know, Mother Nature threw us a curve by providing a heavy rain storm just before the workshop. That resulted in most off drained soil pits being filled with water and caused the seasonal streams to fill up. A wet summer also resulted in Webb Lake being at spring levels, vernal pools being filled up and marginal wetlands looking like they would be in the spring. Another result was that a few of the regulators who visited the site in August, under dry conditions, changed some of their initial calls after seeing the sites again on the day of the workshop.

Dave Rocque

For more information, contact David Rocque, State Soil Scientist at (207) 287-2666 or at


Products Page

The Subsurface Wastewater Team has scanned all the hardcopy product files in our possession and uploaded them as Adobe PDF files to this website. The PDF files are linked from the new Products page. No confidential information was copied to our knowledge.


Inspection Checklist for LPIs

A new checklist is available to assist Local Plumbing Inspectors during system installation inspections.


2013 Workshop Presentations

The PowerPoint presentations and video for the 2013 Basic and the Beyond the Basics workshops are available for viewing and downloading on our training page.


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Product Approvals

Bio-Microbics, Inc.

Bio-Microbics' BioBarrier MBR consists of a multiple compartment tank providing primary and secondary treatment, and a membrane filter for solids removal. Permeate can be recirculated for nitrogen removal. BioBarrier MBR has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation pursuant to ANSI/NSF Standard 40 for residential wastewater treatment systems; ANSI/NSF Standard 245 for nitrogen reduction; and ANSI/NSF Standard 350 for onsite residential and commercial water reuse treatment systems.


Infiltrator Systems, Inc.

Infiltrator Systems, Inc. IM-1530 plastic septic tank has received approval for use in Maine.



SeptiTech advanced wastewater treatment systems have received approval for use of GRAF "Carat S" polypropylene tanks.


NORWECO Hydro-Kinetic Model 600 FEU

The NORWECO Hydro-Kinetic Model 600 FEU consists of a recirculating multiple tank system which incorporates primary, anoxic, and aerobic treatment followed by clarification and recirculation.  The treatment tanks are followed by a separate tank containing the NORWECO Hydro-Kinetic FEU filter. The NORWECO Hydro-Kinetic Model 600 FEU has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) pursuant to ANSI/NSF Standard 40 for residential wastewater treatment systems and Standard 245 for nitrogen reduction.

NORWECO web site



The Stahlermatic Biological Solution for Wastewater (BSW) STM 8 and AQUA percolation modules have been registered by Winkler Aqua-Service Ltd. They comprise a system with an advanced treatment unit utilizing both aerobic and anaerobic processes and a proprietary disposal area device, each rated at 72 square feet of effective disposal area and intended specifically for use with the Stahlermatic BSW STM 8.

Winkler Aqua-Service Ltd. web site.


View the list of all approved products

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