Subsurface Wastewater Team Policies

Proposed Policy Revisons

The Subsurface Wastewater Team is reviewing policies. The following policies are either outdated or have been superseded by revisions to the Subsurface wastewater Disposal Rules. The SWT proposes to discontinue them. We welcome comments.


Policy Regarding Replacement System Variances in Close Proximity to Waterbodies/Courses and/or Wells No changes are proposed for this policy.

Replacement Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Systems on Offshore Islands

The Division of Environmental Health, Subsurface Wastewater Unit offers this document as guidance with respect to designing replacement subsurface wastewater disposal systems on offshore islands. In particular, this guidance is intended to address those situations in which an existing overboard discharge (OBD), licensed by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, is being replaced by a subsurface system designed pursuant to the Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules, CMR 241 (the Rules).  Learn more. (pdf file)