Notice of Privacy Practices: HIPAA requires us to provide our patients, clients and MaineCare members with a Notice of Privacy Practices, to inform individuals of their rights and our obligations regarding their information. We are required to follow the terms of our Notice.

Privacy and Security of Health Information - HIPAA

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services (the “Department”) takes the protection of health information very seriously.  DHHS has a Director of Healthcare Privacy who serves as our Department’s Privacy Officer, and our offices have Privacy and Security Officials or Privacy Liaisons who work to follow state and federal healthcare privacy laws, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or HIPAA. HIPAA has many purposes, but in part, it tells us how we can use and share protected health information, and the safeguards that are required to keep that information secure. HIPAA does not apply to all of our offices or programs, but when it does, we are required to follow it. There are steep penalties for failing to comply with the law.

Even if an office does not fall under HIPAA, the Department still promises to use reasonable safeguards to protect the information of the individuals we serve.

Authorization or Release Form HIPAA and Maine law also require us to provide our patients, clients and members with the opportunity to disclose or share their confidential information through the use of an authorization or release form that includes certain legal language.  A global form has been developed to permit the individual to provide such permission easily.
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The Department implements and updates confidentiality policies, procedures, training and forms that the law requires for us to keep health information protected, whether that information is part of a conversation, in a paper chart, or part of an electronic record.  Only the minimum health information necessary to conduct business is to be used or shared. Additionally, we only enter into agreements with other organizations to help us with our business processes if they agree to safeguard the information as the law requires.

We will also investigate any possible breach of patient or client data that happens at a Department office or with one of our vendors or business associates. If an actual breach occurs, the Department will contact individuals whose information is at risk, and report the breach to government regulators.

If you have questions, you may contact our Director of Healthcare Privacy at


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Director of Healthcare Privacy and Privacy/Security Liaisons
As of September 10, 2014

Office Last Name First Name E-mail Address Office Location
Director of Healthcare Privacy Mondschein Katz Stacey 6 East Chestnut St.
Administrative Hearings Unit Bivins James 35 Anthony Avenue
Audit, Division of Vafiades Scott 221 State Street
DAFS - Finance Service Center Corbett John 221 State Street
DAFS, OIT St. Thomas Kevin 51 Commerce Drive
DDPC + RPC - Security Wilcox Lauren 656 State Street
DDPC – Privacy Welch Michelle 656 State Street
DDPC + RPC Riddick Joseph 656 State Street
DHHS – Commissioner’s Office Wells Kevin 221 State Street
District Operations Accounting Curtis Kelly 35 Anthony Avenue
District Operations Facilities Kluzak Martha 221 State Street
DLRS Valcourt Catherine 41 Anthony Avenue
MeCDC Montagna Chris 221 State Street
MeCDC Tharpe Nell 286 Water Street
MeCDC Zukas Christine 286 Water Street
OADS Caswell Lynne 41 Anthony Avenue
OCFS Blanchard Robert 2 Anthony Avenue
OCQI Wagner Amy 2 Anthony Avenue
OFI Croteau Dawn 19 Union Street
OFI - DSER Quadro Tracy 19 Union Street
OMA Trujillo Luengo Julia 1037 Forest Avenue
OMS - Security Bondeson Roger 242 State Street
OMS Gallagher Dawn 242 State Street
OMS Glidden Beth 242 State Street
Rate Setting Peavey Dan 211 State Street
RPC - Privacy Tasker Amy 250 Arsenal Street
SAMHS Wheeler Sheldon 41 Anthony Avenue

Certain offices do not have a liaison where they do not deal with identifiable consumer information

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