Historical Organizations

Historical Records Grant Opportunities

Grants are often available for historical archival and museum collections and facilities projects. The exact nature of the grant programs changes frequently, so be sure to check for updates before planning to apply. This page contains information on three grant programs as well as forms for those who have already received grants.

For more information on the NHPRC grants, go to the Historical Records Grant Opportunities page.

Workshop Opportunities

Professional Development Workshops available through Maine Archives and Museums

Historical Societies / Repositories

Searchable list of Maine historical societies and historical records repositories.

Other Resources

  • Historical Records Advisory Board: reviews grant requests for State and federal funding.
  • Archival Consultants: for evaluating collections, recommending actions
  • Maine Archives and Museums (MAM) : Maine Archives and Museums (MAM) is the only professional association representing museums, archives, historical societies and other collecting institutions in the state of Maine. Please contact:
    • Maine Archives and Museums
    • P.O. Box 784, Portland, Maine 04104
    • Telephone: (207) 400-6965
    • Email: info@mainemuseums.org