The Maine Bicentennial Commission is offering a total of $375,000 in Community Grants to support the interests, needs, and creativity of citizens and communities throughout Maine as they plan local commemorations of the Bicentennial.

Grant Opportunities and Forms

Grants are often available for historical archival and museum collections and facilities projects. The exact nature of the grant programs changes frequently, so be sure to check for updates before planning to apply. This page contains information on three grant programs as well as forms for those who have already received grants.

Overview of Grants for Archival Collections

The Maine Historical Records Advisory Board is pleased to be able to support the efforts of Maine's nonprofit organizations as they preserve their original historical records.

No grants available at this time from MHRAB.

1) Historical Records Collections Grants - Basic Projects

Records Collections Guidelines - No grants available at this time

  • Sponsored by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission
  • Grant amount:
  • Submission Deadlines:
  • Project duration:

2) Historical Records Collections Grants - Major Projects

Records Collections Guidelines - No grants available at this time

  • Sponsored by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission
  • Grant amount:
  • Submission Deadline:
  • Project duration:

3) Odiorne Fund for Archeological/Archival Projects

The Maine State Archives has grant funds for "archaeological work within Maine that has a relationship to archival material." The archaeological/archival connection can be expressed in a variety of ways; there is no “preferred” relationship. Grant activities that have been funded in the past include the following:

  • to conduct archival research for an archaeological field project
  • to properly preserve and organize archaeological research notes, by placing them in archival containers, and creating finding aids to improve accessibility to other researchers
  • to consolidate artifacts, notes, oral histories, etc. as a basis for interpreting a previous archaeological project

While not previously proposed, a project to provide a model for archival management of archaeological records would be considered as well. We will rate proposals based on these guidelines for our reviewers:

  • soundness of the workplan, especially the appropriateness of proposed techniques
  • qualifications of personnel
  • importance of material to be dealt with by this proposal
  • soundness of the budget

March 15 is the application deadline; we expect to make a decision by April 30th. Final reports for previous grant projects from this fund must be received before proposals will be considered. If you have questions about the grant program, contact the Maine State Archives (287-5799) or

Odiorne Application Information

Information for Grantees

Please refer to your grant number in any paperwork you submit. Although we need to maintain some oversight, we don't want to burden grant recipients with too many requirements. Our general guide is to use common sense. If something doesn't make sense for your project, we can probably make adjustments. Contact the Archives if you have any questions (287-5793).

All project activities, and all spending on the project (whether grant or matching money), must take place during the grant period. Any substantive changes in personnel or grant activities, including extensions of the grant end date, must be cleared with the Maine State Archives.

Budget note: If there were parts of your original budget that the Board excluded from the project, they should not be used for the match. Attach copies of bills for amounts over $100.
Extensions: Although we do not encourage you to extend your grant period, we do understand that sometimes circumstances preclude finishing on time. If that happens, send a letter a month before the end date of the grant. In it, include 1) an explanation of why you were unable to finish on time; 2) a review of your progress to date; 3) a request for a specific new end date for your project. You will receive an acknowledgment with the new end date and new reporting due dates.