Imaging Services

Imaging Services is improving the way state, municipal and local governments retrieve and share information. Using innovative digital conversion techniques, Imaging Services is converting microfilm and paper documents into digital images which are more efficiently shared and accessed. To best protect and preserve our state's public records, Imaging Services incorporates microfilm services and security microfilm programs under the state’s Archives and Records Management Divisions.

Imaging Services offers two digital services that, together, link analog (microfilm) and digital (electronic image) technologies.

  • Conversion from…
    • Roll Microfilm to Digital-- Existing microfilm images can be converted to digital images and incorporated into a new or existing document management system.
    • Digital to Roll Microfilm-- Digital images can be output directly to security microfilm for a fraction of the cost of traditional analog filming. This service provides agencies with a microfilm security copy of computer-scanned or born digital image records for permanent storage and an inexpensive “insurance policy” against technology becoming obsolete and future conversion expenses.
  • Conversion of large-format paper documents (maps and drawings) to digital images and if needed archival roll microfilm
  • Roll Microfilm processing
  • Roll Microfilm duplication

Imaging Services is also available assist agencies with the planning and implementation of digitization projects.
For more information about our services and how we may protect your agency’s records, please contact Imaging Services or call 207-287-5796.

Note: Maine State Archives Imaging Standards are based on Chapter 3, Imaging State Records rules and the Imaging Permanence Institute (IPI).

Fees for Services (pdf) - List of Maine State Archives fees for copies and services.