Proactive Outreach Manager


Proactive Outreach management platform lets customers choose when, where and how they want to connect (mobile, online, in store, or over the phone).  Your inbound or outbound reach to customers can be via SMS text, email, phone alerts and notifications, agent-based predictive dialing, interactive services or a combination.


The POM platform benefits:

  • Reduces abandon rates by designing interactive voice, emails or test messaging campaigns that increasing productivity and customer contact 
  • Gets your agents in touch with customers using advanced call detection technology that understands the differences of live voice, mobile phones, voicemail, fax and busy signals
  • Start an engagement with SMS with a follow up with a call, and send an email confirmation
  • Let customers move easily between automated systems and agents to improve customer service experiences
  • This provides end users with vendor installation, maintenance/trouble shooting, and billing services
  • Supports multi-tenancy and zoning
  • Available as a software-based dialer

Service Level Targets & Availability

  • Standard Service Level Agreement based on customer ‘Priority’ preference requested on Service Orders
    • Low Priority - Maximum two business days to reply and resolved within 10 business days or less
    • Medium Priority - Maximum one business day to reply and resolved within 6 business days or less
    • High Priority - Maximum 4 hours to reply and resolved within 2 business days
    • Urgent - Immediate response by service manager or designee; response team identified within 30 minutes. Solution as soon as possible; all team members on task until resolved. Goal is 4 hours

NOTE:  Vendor Involvement Required.  Completion of Service Order is required and based on vendor availability.

  • Service Center availability is 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday excluding all posted holidays
  • Outside hours by special arrangement with an agency
  • Limited support is available for after business hours, weekends, and holidays
  • Changes or troubleshooting would require scheduling with vendor.
  • Requires OIT Request for Change approval.

Service Rates: (per quote)

Options Available for Additional Charge (per quote)

  • Customized programming and recording - $350/hr
  • Software Licenses
  • Software Support Maintenance-monthly recurring fee
  • Virtual Hardware
  • Ports
  • Web/Application server
  • Storage for Database
  • Training - $350 plus expenses
  • All project work is billable
  • All audit related work is billable
  • All costs associated with Indefinite Hold requests will be direct billed

To order new services or change existing ones

Customer Expectations

  • Provide a completed service order with requirements

To get help or order this service

  • Orders for new installations, changes, moves or removal of services are required to go through your Agency’s Telco Coordinator; charges may apply that requires authorization.  (Find your Telco Coordinator.)
  • Agency Telco Coordinator must submit a fully populated service order form per instructions; enter a new Assyst ticket in the “Office or Landline Service" at
  • Report trouble with service: