Microsoft Office 365 Bundle

Summary of Services offered

The Office 365 subscription includes:

  • Windows 10 Operating system 
  • Office 2016 productivity suite
  • Email services
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • InTune Mobile Device Management
  • Teams

File and Print Services

This service provides shared (networked) printing and centralized file storage and retrieval for networked workstations. Files may be set up to be accessed by one or many users.

Directory Services

This service provides centralized hardware and software required to establish and maintain internet and intranet web sites and web applications.


The Office 365 subscription includes Windows 10 Operating system, the Office 2016 productivity suite, Email services, and Microsoft Azure Cloud services. Please see the Office 365 License Matrix below for subscription options.

  • Safeguarding of data by hosting it in multiple US-located data centers with continuous data backup and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Preserve and protect e-mail data for discovery or recovery at a later date using in-place hold



  • Please see the Office 365 License Matrix below for subscription options
  • E-mail, calendar, and contacts
  • Account set-up
  • SPAM Filtering
  • Email anti-virus protection
  • Email encryption
  • Ability to access e-mail outside the firewall without the need to connect to the State’s Virtual Private Network (VPN); which requires using Outlook Web access or Outlook client and two-factor authentication
  • Ability to send and receive e-mail to and from Internet recipients
  • Unlimited online archive
  • Enhanced compliance and security features

Shared Mailbox (optional)

  • A generic email address ( i.e., or, that both employees and customers can use to inquire about a specific topic or to make a request
  • Allow multiple staff members to monitor and reply to email sent to the shared email address, without exposing their own specific email addresses
  • Does not include online archive or legal hold
  • Each user who is assigned to monitor a shared mailbox must be a fully licensed user and have their own individual email mailbox
  • Does not require a separate Office365 license; mailbox size limit is 50 GB

Note:  You cannot sign in to a shared mailbox directly

Active Directory Only - Test Accounts

  • Licensed Office 365 account holders will NOT be charged for Active Directory Only test accounts
  • All test accounts not utilized within 90 days will be deleted
  • Test accounts for load testing will automatically be disabled after 30 days. A footprints ticket will need to be created to enable test accounts and a new password will be issued for the following 30 days


  • Access to Teams from both web browser via the Office portal and from a Teams client application.
  • Ability to attend or initiate online meeting for up to 1,000 participants
  • Account set-up for Teams
  • Ability to send and receive instant messages
  • Host online meetings with audio, video, and web conferencing over the Internet
  • Ability to share applications, desktop and electronic white board for collaboration purposes.
  • Presence awareness for other State Teams users
  • Join meetings with a single touch or click from your computer or an InTune managed smartphone, or tablet
  • Ability to host online voice, video or presentations with Non-State participants
  • Integration with Office 365 applications such as Word, Outlook, and OneNote

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is personal online storage space in the cloud

  • Store your work files in OneDrive for Business and access them from multiple devices with ease and security
  • Share your files within the State of Maine to business colleagues as needed
  • Edit Office documents together in real time with Office Online
  • Sync files to your local computer using the OneDrive for Business sync application
  • OneDrive File Sharing is Available (Internal use only)

SharePoint Online

  • Access is limited to State of Maine users
  • Management of the SharePoint site and settings are the responsibility of the designated Agency site collection administrator
  • Share information and track activities
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 tools (Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Document repository with version control and management
  • Platform is continually updated as new features become available

InTune Mobile Device Management

MaineIT mobile device management service is hosted on Microsoft Intune. This is a cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) service that helps enable the State’s workforce to be productive while keeping State data protected. The service consists of Microsoft’s InTune Company Portal and the user’s, state owned or authorized personal mobile device.

  • Remote access to e-mail, calendar and contacts, Teams, OneDrive for Business
  • Allows users to have mobile access to other State of Maine applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, and resources as they become available
  • Manages use and access to authorized mobile applications
  • Ensures devices and applications are compliant with State security requirements
  • Allows deletion of state applications and removal of the device’s ability to access state resources if the device is lost or stolen
  • Service Facts: Cell Phones & Other Mobile Devices
  • License up to five devices
  • User account set-up on InTune
  • Technical support for InTune
  • Ability to enroll Apple Mac OS X devices and configure security and WiFi settings
  • Supported Mobile Operating Systems
  • NOTE: Mobile devices can be configured to send and receive State of Maine email. Request that your supervisor contact your agency Telco/Wireless Coordinator. He/she will obtain the mobile device and complete the device configuration. MaineIT will then enable access to email, calendar, and contacts and other features listed above
  • Basic 101 training can be found at: (URL if you are in need of assistance (Internal use only)

NOTE: Many mobile devices running Android, IOS and Windows Mobile can be configured to send and receive State of Maine email; Request that your supervisor contact your agency Telco/Wireless Coordinator. He/she will be able provide guidance for submitting a request via FootPrints to MaineIT. MaineIT will then enable access to email, calendar, and contacts.


  • Mapped network drives are not provided to InTune devices
  • Teams Audio (PSTN)
  • Vendor Cloud Hosting Services
  • Hosting Services

Service Level Targets & Availability

  • The standard production published service level agreement can be viewed at the following link: Standard_SLA_CTS_Production Services 
  • Normal, default coverage is 7AM – 5PM, Monday – Friday. 24x7 coverage is available for systems with a specific need for this type of coverage. To have 24x7 coverage; MaineIT needs to receive a written business justification. Once justification has been approved, MaineIT will work with the business on a SLA for the specific systems. Additional charges associated with extended coverage will be defined in the SLA
  • If you do not have an Office 365 license, and one needs to be procured for you, it may take up to a week to arrange this. For this reason, MaineIT requires two weeks to complete user transfers and new hires

Service Rates: Please see the MaineIT Rate Table 

Options Available for Additional Charge

  • General
    • All project work is billable
    • All audit related work is billable
    • All costs associated with indefinite hold requests will be direct billed
  • Shared Mailbox Plan 2 - All of the features of a shared mailbox plus:
    • Unlimited online archive
    • Ability to place the mailbox on an In-Place Hold or a Litigation Hold
    • For rates/costs, please see the MaineIT Rate Table 
  • Teams Audio Conferencing
    • Allows anyone to join your Teams meetings using a telephone
    • For rates/costs, please see the MaineIT Rate Table 
  • Adobe Connect
    • Adobe Connect is available per request similar service to Teams capabilities
  • Rate associated with mail recovery:
  • Mobile Options, available through your Wireless Coordinator
    • Bluetooth headset
    • Carrying case
    • Screen protector
    • Vehicle adapter
    • Extra power adapter

Microsoft Licensing

Agencies have defined license counts for the following commitment period and billing will be monthly based on that license count for the commitment period. This license count will be used to define how many licenses MaineIT purchases from our vendor.

Additional employees can be added and will be pro-rated for the partial year.

Employee Change

Billing Change

Employee leaves mid-year

None – billing stays the same for 12 months

Employee joins mid-year
  • If a net new employee, billing will be pro-rated for the license selected.
  • If this employee is a replacement for someone who has left, the vacated license can be transferred to the new employee, if they are on the same license package.
  • If the replacement employee moves to a different license tier, it would be counted as a net new user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible for an Agency to have month-to-month rather than annual accounts for O365?

A: No, the cost is a pre-purchased license expense by MaineIT, and is being passed through to the Agencies.

Q: How will subscription management be handled? Who, will manage the expirations/renewals?

A: The MaineIT Windows Server Group will manage subscription counts by department. Many departments separate their billings and budget by bureaus or divisions. Departments will need to keep the number of licenses needed based on individual bureau or divisions when it is required for billing and budget purposes.

Q: What is the process to transfer a subscription from one staff to another?

A: An Agency will indicate, in the User Request ticket, who the new employee is replacing. The vacated license will be available for the new user to claim.

Technical Specifications

State of Maine – Microsoft 365 License Options

Features G3 Kiosk Exchange Shared Mailbox
Plan 2
AD Only
Operating System Windows 10 Windows 10 No No
Active Directory Included Included No Included
Mailbox Size 100 Gigabytes 2 Gigabytes, Email through Office 365 Online 100 Gigabytes No
Unlimited Archive with Legal Hold Included Included Included No
Email Encryption Included, automatic, rules based Included No No
File Print Included Yes (No Home Drive) No Yes (No Home Drive)
SharePoint Included Included No No
Office Suite

Office 365 - Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote, OneDrive, Teams

Office 365 Online Only – Word Online, Outlook Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, OneDrive Online, OneNote Online No No
Office Online Included Included No No
Instant Messaging Teams Included in Office 365 Online No No
OneDrive Included Included in Office 365 Online No No
OneDrive Storage 5 Terabytes 2GB No No
Mobile, InTune Included, up to 5 devices Included, licensing for one mobile device No No
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Included Included No No
Devices Up to 15 devices (5 phones, 5 tablets, 5 desktop/laptops) Licensing for one desktop/laptop and one mobile device No No



  • Exchange Online limits
  • Shared mailboxes are not accessible through Outlook Mobile
  • SharePoint limits
  • OneDrive limits: Note, files may not be shared outside the State of Maine
  • Teams limits: maximum of 1,000 participants in a standard meeting, maximum of 10,000 participants in a Live Event broadcast
  • InTune does not manage the ability to connect to the VPN, nor does it manage your ability to connect to network drives

Customer Expectations

  • Disclosures of any security requirements
  • Individual users follow state IT use rules and policies, including all security policies
  • A contact person and backup are designated to interface with the MaineIT team
  • Any issues or problems with this service are reported to the MaineIT team as promptly and with as complete information as is feasible
  • All third-party applications are the responsibility of the user
  • Data management – all data is owned by the user’s department and subject to departmental rules
  • Department is responsible for valid license selection and tracking
  • For SharePoint, groups and teams, the site owner/administrator is responsible for managing administration of the site, lists, document repository, data and all other end user configuration options
  • Departments are responsible for maintaining the license levels to ensure that licenses are available to meet staffing needs. To review license status, please see the Office 365 License Status page (Internal Only)
  • Request for O365 licenses require a two-week notice.
  • Training – self-service and free training is available. Please visit the Office 365 Portal (Internal Only) for more information.
  • Billing for licenses will start once the license has been issued to the Agency

To get help or order services:

  • Submit a request to MaineIT Service Center at 624-7700
  • Enter a Footprints service request
  • Provide name of account to be enabled and the type of service requested