Footprints Workflow Management Application


FootPrints is a web based service management application for managing service desks and automating business processes. Footprints can integrate with a wide variety of other business software which allows automation across many different processes:

  • Ability to document and follow work flow
  • Ability to converse with other state agencies in a collective partnership
  • Ability to collect statistics on work flowing through work group(s)
  • Ability to create reports
  • Ability to request service from State IT staff and application support staff
  • Ability to track service standards by history collection


  • Agent license
  • Ability to read, open, edit, close and produce reports of activity within assigned project groups
  • Portal for entering requests for non-agent
  • Agent and project administrator training and support materials online or by request

Service Level Targets & Availability

  • The standard production published service level agreement can be viewed at the following link: Standard_SLA_CTS_Production Services
  • Default coverage is 7AM – 5PM, Monday – Friday
  • 24x7 coverage is available for systems with a specific need for this coverage; MaineIT needs to receive a written business justification; once justification has been approved, MaineIT will work with the business on a service level agreement for the specific systems
  • Additional charges associated with extended coverage will be defined in the SLA

Service Rates: Please see the MaineIT Rate Table 

Options Available for Additional Charge

  • All audit related work is billable
  • All costs associated with Indefinite Hold requests will be direct billed

Customer Expectations

  • Completed request to enter FootPrints
  • Project name where agent needs to reside
  • Project build information and plan if a new project is needed
  • Names and email address of agents needing access
  • Billing for services will start as of the time the ticket is received for the request for any production service
  • A ticket needs to be received to remove service
  • Core Technology maintains a maintenance window; this allows for routine maintenance on the backup infrastructure components
  • If MaineIT has a need for equipment to be located in buildings outside of its main datacenters, access to these buildings will need to be granted to support staff during normal business hours
  • If there is a 24x7 requirement for this equipment or any system supported by this equipment, access to the building needs to be 24x7 with 24-hour building network support
  • Physical access to the hardware is required by MaineIT for the maintenance time period

Technical Specifications

To get help and/or order this service

  • Call MaineIT Service Center at 624-7700