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Client Technologies is the bridge between customers and the efficient use of technology. It is a one stop integrated support center allowing us to take your initial call, provide on-site support, build your device, and surplus all retired equipment.

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Customer Service Center - One stop Integrated Support Center

The customer support call center is the first level for all technical issues and questions. We can be reached by dialing (207) 624-7700, which is the quickest way to resolve an issue or you can e-mail us at Customer-Support, OIT.

If a call center technician is unable to resolve your issue over the phone, they will then assign your ticket to a field technician with a priority level of Urgent, High, Medium, or Low, depending on the issue and severity. The field technician will come out and do an assessment on your device and if needed will put in a request to replace it or will fix the issue.

If a request is put in to have a device replaced we will build you a new device and the field technician will transfer all of your data over to the replacement device.

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Helpdesk: (207) 624-7700
State of Maine Operator: (207) 624-8800


Office of Information Technology, Customer Support
51 Commerce Drive, 4th Floor
Augusta, ME 04333